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Ways to Get Your Chapter Noticed!

Jul 30, 2021 | Articles, Networking Tips

What do you think would happen if LeTip corporate (aka “LeTip HQ”) could promote you and your chapter to a lot of people? Would you have more visitors become members? Would you start making more money because you would have more business and tips from existing members and people on the outside who learn about you. If the answer is “YES!”, then you should know what corporate has been doing to get you “noticed”, because we are already doing just that!

During the months of August – September, we are giving special focus to how to get your chapter noticed.   Getting noticed means more guests, which leads to more members and more Tips!

We have several webinars occurring in the month of August covering a range of different topics. On September 7th we will be also hosting a livestream on our social media to give you some tips and tricks to help you with your own social media, and we will also be hosting a webinar doing a deep dive on social media concepts on September 14th. If you can’t make it when they are live, you can still watch the webinars at your own convenience from our LeTip Video Library on LeTip Wired, and the livestreams recorded on our Facebook page.

Below is an example of more of the things that LeTip HQ does to get our chapters noticed and an overview of our marketing communication strategy.

We have four pillars to our communication strategy:

  • Communicare
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media

Starting off with Communicare:

Communicare is our monthly newsletter designed to talk about a specific member and a specific chapter each month. The reason we do this is to promote our chapters and members to the public, which helps others to learn about them. We want the world to notice what you are doing, who is doing a great job, and who is working hard to make success happen. In our newsletter we talk about chapter & member anniversaries, badge upgrades, and we have even announced a Royal Purple a time or two as well! That is the highest honor you can hold in LeTip by sponsoring over 100 new members! (Definitely worth at least a little bit of some bragging rights)

It is important for our members to know who these natural leaders are. Have you considered looking them up in Wired to network with them or build relationships, even if they live far away? You can meet them, reach out to them, and learn how they utilized LeTip to be a huge success for themselves! With our network of members, you can surround yourself with lots of other successful people. There is a saying that you are like who you surround yourself with. This is not a journey that needs to be taken alone and in LeTip we look out for each other, nurture each other, and genuinely care about each other.

Each month now we ask our Secretaries to read or share for about two minutes at every meeting something in the newsletter that may help everyone. Is this being done in your chapter? If not, why not? Success must be created; it just doesn’t happen all by itself. To help even further we have a new addition called “Secretaries Corner” and it will be available in the LeTip Wired Documents section each month, where you can download a Word document covering a range of topics to help your chapters have new info to cover each week.

Next is our Public Relations:

As events and milestones happen, we want you to announce it to our PR firm (“10 to 1” Public Relations) so they may write press releases about you and float them around your local business community so more people will be interested in joining you. Think about it, there might not be many know who you are right now and this is a good opportunity to get the word out about your business or chapter. Let’s tell them the great things you do for each other, for your community and for yourselves! It is noteworthy and important.

What else does corporate do for your chapter to be noticed?

We are active on Social Media:

We run social media ads, we post to Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram among others. We want people to find you and hear great things about you. We even create posts announcing new chapter openings or a chapter seeking new members, how they want to grow and are now accepting applications from other professionals. We encourage you to post as well, but share your posts with us so we can double whammy them into the social media world for you!

Once a member sees a post, share it and it will be seen by hundreds if not thousands of other people (and not just members). People make more money when they are seen and heard more often. What are you doing to be seen and heard? Help us help you by sharing that information. When is your next business mixer? Do you want more guests? Be seen and heard. Share it publicly and with us so we can assist! We would love to share what you are doing on our main corporate social media accounts.

Our website,

Another way LeTip HQ is working for you is through our website. How many of you ask others to visit there to learn more about LeTip and point them there to start learning how they can grow their business? If you have not visited in a long time, go check it out. Information about you, your chapter, and your business is there also for anyone looking for business. The more we promote our main website, the easier it is for the outside world to find us and give you all business. Keep your Wired profile updated so anyone looking you up on our website will know more about you (i.e. your profile picture, video, business details, etc). The new business card today is a video about you/your business: Have you done one yet? We promote the website, but we cannot make you complete the profile, picture and video. Only you can do that! This will help you get more leads.

We are continuing to find new ways to help promote you and your chapters. We are always here for you. Give us a chance to enhance your experience and we will give you the best we have: more tips, more business, and more “Dollars in Your Pocket”!


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