About LeTip International

Decade milestones of the first business network



  • Founded by accomplished insurance executive Ken Peterson, LeTip introduces an innovative approach to business lead generation by creating a networking model that builds and sustains long term relationships


  • The LeTip networking model expands from its California beginnings to states across the country, raising the business networking bar for small businesses everywhere

New President

  • After spending 5 years on the regional staff and as Director of Training, Kim Marie Branch-Pettid becomes President of LeTip.  Kim Marie’s dynamic leadership style and focus on relationship building continues to expand the LeTip networking model


New Owner

  • Kim Marie becomes the owner of LeTip International with plans to expand membership, elevate leader training, and integrate advanced technology


LeTip Wired

  • LeTip Wired goes live and becomes the first national member portal for a business networking organization. This innovative technology links members nationwide, providing them with the tools to move from paper to electronic


40th Anniversary

  • LeTip celebrates four decades of raising the bar for business networking and the business-to-business referral industry

LeTip Franchises

  • LeTip adds the opportunity for entrepreneurs to become leaders in their business communities through franchising.  These leaders will expand the LeTip footprint across the country and internationally, continuing the LeTip mission to raise the bar for networking.


Raising the bar for networking

  • We ‘re still raising the bar in a virtual work world, enhancing a program that focuses on relationship building by adding advanced technology to help build these powerful relationships

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