LeTip builds more than just strong business relationships.

Our business networking group cultivates friendships that last a lifetime.


Get ready to experience the most electrifying small business networking event of the year! LeTip proudly presents its First Annual Convention, and guess what? The city that never sleeps is about to witness a networking spectacle like no other. That’s right, Las Vegas, we’re coming for you!

LeTip International. The ORIGINAL business networking group.

We’re LeTip International, the oldest and most trusted business networking group in the country. We’re the business referral network that started it all.

Our unique professional networking group model is based on building, sustaining, and supporting strong relationships between businesspeople. LeTip members form a close knit family of non-competing businesses.

Successful members in over



LeTip is the business networking group for businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries.

Lawyer. Dog walker. Designer. From dog walkers to data recovery, we’ve got the perfect place for your business in one of our more than 740 business categories in our business referral network.

One that enables you to build powerful strategic relationships within your industry, as well as presenting you with the opportunity to pollinate your products and services to professionals in other industries.

We Create Business Relationships.

LeTip Business Networking Group Chapter members spend time learning about each other’s business, powering their ability to make better referrals.

By becoming well versed in each other’s industries, they can make higher-quality referrals. These high level tips turn our local business referral network chapters into powerful, knowledge and result driven sales forces.

We Grow Revenue.

This business networking group system of building better business tips has put hundreds of millions of dollars in the pockets of member businesses.

Best of all, success is seeded on an underlying philosophy of giving first in order to receive.

Give, Get, Grow… Repeat!®

Each week when the tip bucket is passed to you to give your commercial, you are introducing your business to a business networking group sales force empowered with the knowledge to get you business and grow your brand.

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LeTip Wired: Business networking powered by technology.

All our members have 24/7 access to LeTip Wired, innovative technology that powers stronger business partnerships.

Wired is our business referral network’s go-to resource for tipping members, receiving tips, inviting guests, and getting the word out about your products and services.

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