Meet the LeTip Advisory Board

The LeTip Advisory Board is made up of passionate LeTip members from different chapters and backgrounds. As members of the board, they review challenges pertaining to LeTip’s procedures and bylaws. To these board members, LeTip is more than just a business networking group, it’s their business family.

Steve Mass


About Steve

My name is Steve Mass and I have been in the financial service business for 15+ years.  I am a full-service mortgage banker specializing in refinances, purchases and assisting first time home buyers. I will never forget the feeling the day I bought my first home. My wife and I looked forward to starting a family and making memories we would create with our future children. We have made that dream a reality! I am married to an amazing woman, and we have two incredible sons who have enhanced our lives in ways I never could have imagined. It may be a bit selfish on my part, but I relive that moment every time I assist people in achieving their goal of home ownership.

I am a sports guy through and through and I will chat about football and baseball any day of the week. I had a near death experience several years ago, which taught me to live a life of passion, and that is exactly what I do. Every day I wake up, is a great day!

Why I decided to join the Advisory Board

I joined the advisory board as I bleed LeTip Blue and whatever I can do to help improve and support the members of this great organization, I am all in!!!

Choosing to invest time in LeTip has been the best thing I have ever done.  If it were not for LeTip I do not know where I would be.  I am in my profession currently because of LeTip and I enjoy every moment!!!!

Peter Zales


About Peter

As the PRINTER of our group (Cherry Hill, NJ) I bring over 40 yrs experience in print production, design, marketing, and creative services. As I often say in my weekly commercial, “What we do – is make what YOU do – look GOOD!

And we do it with the THREE P’s – Printing, Promotional Products and Presentations (for trade shows).” While technology continues to change rapidly, my favorite parts of the industry remain the creative process and relationship building.

I joined LeTip in April 2016 and after a successful first year, I was asked to be Membership Chair (a position, I loved immensely!). A year later, I was asked to serve as President and held that position for four years (including 17 months of virtual meetings during COVID). I was thrilled and humbled to be named the 2021 LeTip International President of the Year (in April 2022).

For me, LeTip is simply about forming relationships and helping others grow their business – and having great fun while doing it! I still rarely miss meetings because I don’t want to miss something that week – a new guest, a great commercial, a new member getting a great tip – or just being with nearly 60 business folk that are my crazy and loyal and fun family! I have grown immensely in LeTip, as a professional, a leader and above all – a friend – and I am thankful for it all!

Why I decided to join the Advisory Board

In 2020, I was asked to join the original Advisory Board. It was a bold plan to encourage and incorporate opinion and feedback from select LeTip members from around the country. I was honored to be asked and grateful to be part of the team that reviewed issues related to the LeTip bylaws and procedures., especially when we were all be being challenged by COVID.

Joy Huntsman


About Joy

I joined the Advisory Board to propel LeTip into the future while upholding the fundamental principles that have fueled its success for over four decades. As a Coach, I recognize that change isn’t always effortless but remains essential for growth.

Psychic income! The rewards and feelings one gets after helping another person are priceless. Mentorship! I value the opportunity to mentor the next generation as they step into the workforce. Their enthusiasm and fresh perspectives invigorate us, while our seasoned experience can guide them toward success.

Lori Anne De Iulio Casdia


About Lori Anne

Coach Lori Anne, America’s #1 Take Action Success Coach and Strategist, is a seasoned consultant, and scalable business advisor, boasting expertise in systemic thinking. With a proven track record of elevating founders and companies to unprecedented  productivity and profits, Lori Anne is a visionary and sought-after expert in her field.

Her impactful journey has been featured in major  media outlets, including Fox News, USA Today, and CNBC. Lori Anne passionately champions personal development through a healthy growth mindset, integration of her diverse background in a variety of modalities leaving a positive indelible mark on her clients’ personal and professional lives.

Lori Anne is dedicated to fostering growth for executives, entrepreneurs, and diverse teams, bringing her expertise internationally. Through her extensive coaching and consulting, Coach Lori Anne provides invaluable insights, guiding clients towards achieving their goals with strategic systems, planning and inspiring generations to pursue their greatest selves.

Why I decided to join the Advisory Board?

Joining the LeTip Advisory Board was a decision fueled by a deep sense of commitment, passion, and a genuine desire to contribute to the heart of the organization. Here are the heart-centered reasons that guided my decision:

Community Connection: LeTip isn’t just an organization; it’s a community of like-minded individuals. Joining the Advisory Board allows me to strengthen these connections, fostering a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

Giving Back: Being a part of LeTip has enriched my professional life, and serving on the Advisory Board is my way of giving back to a community that has given me so much. It’s a heartfelt commitment to contribute to the growth and success of others within the network.

Nurturing Relationships: The heart of any successful networking group lies in the relationships we build. Joining the Advisory Board provides an opportunity to nurture and deepen these connections, creating a supportive and thriving environment for all members.

Impactful Contributions: I believe in the power of collaboration and collective wisdom. Serving on the Advisory Board allows me to contribute my skills, insights, and experiences to help shape LeTip’s future, ensuring that it remains a vibrant hub for professional and personal growth.

Inspiring Others: Leadership isn’t just about guiding; it’s about inspiring. By being a part of the Advisory Board, I hope to inspire fellow members to reach their full potential, fostering a culture of encouragement, empowerment, and success.

Shared Vision:  I align with new LeTip’s values and vision. Joining the Advisory Board allows me to actively participate in shaping and manifesting these shared ideals, contributing to an organization that reflects my own heart-centered principles.


Celebrating Successes: Being on the Advisory Board enables me to celebrate the successes, big and small, of each member. It’s a joyous journey of witnessing and applauding the achievements of a community that I deeply care about.


Learning and Growing Together: Heart-centered leadership acknowledges that growth is a collective journey. By being on the Advisory Board, I’m not just contributing my insights but am also committed to continuous learning and growth alongside my fellow LeTip members.


In essence, joining the LeTip Advisory Board is a heartfelt commitment to creating a thriving, supportive, and empowering community where each member has the opportunity to shine and succeed. It’s a reflection of my belief in the power of heart-centered leadership and the collective strength of a community working towards shared goals.


Why I Choose to Invest my Time with LeTip

I joyfully invest my time with LeTip because, to me, it’s more than a networking group; it’s a family of spirited professionals. Sharing laughs, trading stories, and collaborating on successes make every meeting a delightful journey. LeTip’s heart-centered approach resonates with my passion for serving others, and together, we’re not just growing businesses – we’re nurturing genuine connections and creating a community where everyone thrives.

It’s not just business; it’s a celebration of shared victories and the joy of serving with heart! Absolutely, it’s an incredible privilege to collaborate with Summer and Paul, who radiate a genuine spirit of service, fostering a collaborative family environment where we all thrive. Being part of this community of extraordinary individuals is a source of constant inspiration and joy. (Not to mention financial benefits)

Rick Millham


About Rick

Rick is President of Millham Companies Inc. a local independent property and casualty insurance agency in Doylestown, Pa. Rick is the immediate Past President of LeTip of Doylestown, Pa. When not selling insurance, Rick serves on the Boards of 5 Not for Profit organizations and is an active member of the Doylestown Rotary. When not working or volunteering Rick loves to cycle, and he also loves collectible cars. Rick is married for 33 years to his college sweetheart Lori,  and has two children, Barry 28, and Katelyn 26.

After 27 years in LeTip, I have seen just about everything, and I want to bring that experience to help guide the future of LeTip. I joined LeTip in 1997 and immediately realized the value of networking. LeTip has transformed my career and I want to make sure that the amazing experience I have had in LeTip is available to as many people as possible across the country.

My Father built his customer base cold calling and I knew I did not want to do that. So, I started networking with other businesspeople. Then Steve Lusen invited me to LeTip and my eyes were opened to a system to help me build those relationships. The more I invest in the group the more I get out of the group.  LeTip has been the #1 BEST business decision I have ever made. LeTip is my family!

Bruce Howard


About Rick

Born in Brooklyn now lives in Suffolk County on Long Island. Bruce is a New Yorker through and through. A business owner for more 30 years Bruce’s first business was a Real Estate Appraisal company which provided compliance audits and expert testimony in addition to appraisals for over 30 banks and lenders including JP Morgan Chase, HSBC, Citicorp and others. The business grew to provide Review and Audit services to the likes of Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, FEMA as well as several regional government agencies. Over the 20+ years of operations Howard Associates grew to serve 15 counties in New York State and Fairfield County Connecticut. The experience gained during the growth and operations of his first company led Bruce to mortgage and tax lien investing.

In 2012 Bruce entered the solar industry through a combination of environmental advocacy and opportunities present in the nascent residential solar markets. After gaining experience in sales and technical design with several solar and engineering firms Bruce established Long Island Solar Sales Inc in December 2019. It was only three months later that CoVid and the lockdowns that accompanied the pandemic rendered the entire sales model obsolete. Since 2020 Bruce has offered traditional solar panel installations as well as solar education modules to allied professions and community and environmental organizations.

When he’s not busy turning “daylight into dollars”, He volunteers his time at various environmental advocacy organizations. Bruce and his wife Dawn enjoy, traveling and wandering as well as family vacations with their adult children in National Park around the county. You may also find Bruce playing his guitar on the back deck, much to the chagrin of his neighbors.

I decided to join the advisory board because it was an opportunity to give back to a company and community that have been supportive of my business and my family.

“Dollars in Your Pocket!” is our motto and it has been true for me every year since I joined in 2014. What I love that I never expected is a number of resources for my business, my clients, and my family that I never expected. I came for the money – I stay because of the depth of professional relationship and resource.

Doriana Fontanella


About Rick

No matter how “far and wide” we travel, we always find our way home. After years in a more
traditional career far from the city where I was born and raised, I find myself going back to a
former avocation closer to the city of my birth and younger years.

I recently retired from a more traditional career in Denver, Colorado where I was a member of a
local in person chapter of LeTip. I served as the Secretary for five consecutive terms and as Mentor
Chairperson for six consecutive years. As Mentor Chairperson, I enhanced the “Mentor Checklist”
(which was prepared by another member of that Chapter). I also helped create a process whereby
the Membership Chairperson and the Mentor Chairperson welcomed a new member and paired
that member with a mentor.

My other, and already existing, business venture is Write Connection LLC also based in Denver,
Colorado where I worked with local authors. My new category is Copywriting.

Through my “connections”, I was able to get them speaking engagements at a local bookstore and
local radio stations. I was successful in getting one author a book launch with a national bookseller.
My writings can be found in various places online. I even have a byline for an online newspaper.
Recently, I transferred to Island Virtual, New York. I am originally from The Bronx (yes, that is
The Bronx with a capital T) where I attended the University (then College) of Mount Saint Vincent.

As a history and philosophy major, I enjoy the nuances and structure of language.
I volunteer at a local non-profit my giving my time to editing various materials. At the recent 2024
Volunteer Appreciation luncheon, I was singled out with the following acknowledgement: “I reach
out every couple of months to a staff aide for help with editing a document. Doriana . . . who enjoys
editing. She always responds quickly and with professionalism. I know that I am getting back a
carefully edited piece.

If you find yourself struggling with putting your thoughts into the written word or need a second
set of eyes to review what you have written, I can help you. Some examples include editing that
novel which you always wanted to write; stories about your family; stories about your family
heirlooms; and, blogs for your business website.

I joined the Advisory Board of LeTip International during COVID. It has given me the chance to
connect with people in my home state as well as with the people who are behind the scenes at
LeTip International. I became close friends with a member of the Advisory Board even though we
never met in person. When we lost her suddenly and unexpectedly, I felt her loss immensely. For
months, I wanted call her after my Thursday morning chapter meeting to discuss the previous
night’s television lineup.

I enjoy my time on the Advisory Board so much that when a meeting was scheduled during a trip
to Italy, I chose the meeting over a visit from a cousin.

Please visit my Facebook page Write Connection LLC. If you would like to learn more about me
or would like to have a one on one, please contact me at