What Our Members Are Saying About Us!

LeTip has been a very important part of my business over the years and I will be a member until the day I retire. The leads that I had generated from LeTip in my first ten years helped me to make partner in my firm and my client base has continued to grow during the last fifteen years. Besides the leads that I have received, LeTip has also been a great source of referrals for me, my clients, family and friends. I have formed many valuable professional relationships over the past twenty-five years through LeTip.

Raymond Brown, CPA

I have been President of LeTip’s Boca Raton Chapter the past five years and a member for eight. We are very proud of the business partnerships and friendships we have formed, and our chapter is truly like a family.

Joseph Scondotto, TD Bank

Joining LeTip is the beginning of building a successful business strategy. If you truly use LeTip as part of your business plan there are no limits to what you can achieve. If you’re in it for the quick buck don’t join, join if you want to have long standing business relationships with people you can trust. Want to save money on advertising, join LeTip and have 30 power partners advertise for you every day. You have business partners in every field when you are a LeTip family member! You become the go to person for strong reliable referrals. LeTip is not a breakfast club, It’s a winners business group!

Ralph Taylor, United Northern Mortgage

I have been a member of LeTip for more than 20 years. I have been very fortunate to receive thousands of tips over the years as well as giving tips to my fellow members. Over the years many of my clients and friends have asked me if I know someone who does a specific service. I have always said yes. LeTip is a great way to increase your business and increase your client base.

Al Mervin, LJ Sales

I’ve been a member of LeTip of Schaumburg for 16+ years and as I tell guests and new members, “It was the best business decision I ever made!” As Membership Chairperson for over 14 years, training, communication and enthusiasm are the cornerstones of our success.

Susan Kingsfield, Retriever Payment Systems

I want to share with anyone who might be interested in becoming a member of LeTip International networking group, my experience. I have been in LeTip for 32 years. LeTip has been an incredible source of referrals. I started in 1986 in the University City, San Diego, California chapter. Not only have I made a good income from leads I gained from LeTip but the best benefit, is the personal growth, especially in public speaking. I remember my very first meeting, when I stood up to speak, I shook all over my body and actually started to sweat. It was stressful, now, it is absolutely nothing for me to stand up to speak. After 32 years, There is no public situation that I can’t manage with dignity and composure. The other benefit, is that I now have friends all over the U.S. because of LeTip. The thousands of people I have met, along with the close friend relationships that were gained by meeting with them every week for years. There is nothing like it. Previous to LeTip, I tried other networking groups, none of them compare to LeTip, with quality of leads, quality of relationships, etc. LeTip is the best investment I ever made for my business practice. I highly recommend it.

Dr. Paulette Coates, DNM

LeTip of Southwest Denver, Colorado

LeTip has one focus which is to find and refer business to our members. Since joining in 2003, I have found many more benefits to belonging to this organization including increased business and professional growth, increased revenues, and best of all, continually expanding my trusted referral network and close friendships.

Diana Hoff, Non-Profit Specialist

LeTip of River City - Portland, Oregon

Most insurance agencies begin with the purchase of an existing book of business. I started my business from scratch, with zero policyholders. To say I was looking for a way to grow my business is a gross understatement. LeTip was, and is without question, the best use of my resources as a startup agency. I’ve gotten more clients through my efforts in LeTip than any other source of business, and the cost of that business is much lower than alternate methods of gaining business (like advertising). My chapter has become a family to me. I look forward to seeing them every week, because I know we’ll enjoy one another and grow our businesses at the same time. It’s now been four years; business is booming and the sky is the limit! Thanks LeTip!

Mitch Ratzlaff, State Farm Insurance

LeTip of Dallas/Monmouth, OR

I thought the Board Member Seminar was the best. We broke up into categories for our position and I got to know and interact with lots of new people.

Carol Rounds, Columbia Bank

LeTip of Woodland, WA

Membership in LeTip has been rewarding in several ways. It has been a pleasure getting to know so many people from different walks of life. I have found one of the greatest values to LeTip membership to be the network of wonderful professionals on whom I can rely for such a variety of services. From a bottom line, “Dollars In Your Pocket” point of view, LeTip pays for itself many times over each and every year.

Jay Larsen, Gerrard & Cox

LeTip Las Vegas, NV

I have been a member since 1997 and I can tell you that I will never leave my chapter. LeTip has accounted for such a large portion of my business, I cannot even imagine not being a part of the LeTip family. LeTip was, and is, the smartest business decision I have ever made!

Rick Millham, Millham Companies Inc.

LeTip of Doylestown, PA

LeTip has been a great group for referrals. It has also generated over $90,000 income in the last year alone. Over my three years as a startup business it has generated $160,000. It is so nice to work with the members in the group.

Dr. Clifford Fisher, Fisher Family Chiropractic

LeTip Reno, NV

I have been a LeTip Member since October, 2009 and it has been a very good experience for me. At first I thought I wouldn’t fit in to the group, but what a group! If you can find a chapter as good as ours, I hope you join and stay. Our chapter is more of a family to me and I look forward to passing Tips.

Dan Collins, Dan Collins Painting

LeTip of Blue Bell, PA

Joining LeTip has been one of the best business decisions I have ever made. My LeTip membership has allowed me to forge close friendships with several local business leaders in my area. The first year, my LeTip membership dues for the year were paid in full, just from the Tips I got during our first month of membership. After that, we have made thousands of dollars in extra income as a result of our LeTip membership. Most importantly, LeTip has helped my business grow our client base – a great group of people who continue to use us on a regular basis, long after the initial Tip has been recorded.

Marlies Morris, my PC Techs

Tempe Professionals, AZ

I have been a member of the Point West LeTip group for the last year and am currently the Treasurer. I believe in LeTip so much that I received my blue badge within my first 90 days. Over the last year I have received over 40 tips, of which 32 have become not just clients, but outstanding clients. An outstanding client to me is one who values the services they receive and is pro-active in their business and financial decisions. Actually, the larger value I have received from my association with this group is the business relationships that I have established, i.e. insurance broker, real estate agent, payroll service provider, just to name a few. These relationships have become an integral part of my practice. I now have a resource pool of quality, professional service providers that I feel confident will provide the same caliber of services that I provide my clients and these relationships have become priceless. If you work LeTip, LeTip works for you it’s the best advertising dollar I’ve ever spent.

Michelle Elder, Elder Accountancy

Point West LeTip, CA

I joined LeTip to grow my business. And Wow! did it ever. But what I didn’t expect was the way it hugely expanded my business community. There’s nothing like being an “insider” when shopping for products and services! LeTip works, back and forth, like no other form of advertising can!

Don Rockwell, Rockwell Signs & Murals

Capital Hill LeTip, WA

I have been a member of the Old Orchard LeTip Chapter since August 2006 and currently serve as the Membership Chair. My association with LeTip has been one of the highlights of my employment as a Chamber Executive. In addition to the professional connections, many of us have become good friends and strong colleagues. Thank you LeTip!

Howard Meyer, Skokie Chamber of Commerce

Old Orchard LeTip, IL

I’ve been in LeTip for 5 years. I’ve never advertised, all my business is through referrals. Quality business and professional relationships I’ve developed, is why I stay with LeTip.

Julie Darling, Just Call Us Catering

Fashion Valley LeTip & LeTip of Woodland, CA

The referrals I received from LeTip have opened up doors I would have never been able to open myself. The first year commissions I received are great, but it is the long-term value of the referral string that I get most excited about.

Ed Snoble, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

Business Success Network LeTip, IL

When I started my business, I attended a lot of networking functions and groups. LeTip has been, by far, the most productive and successful of anything I experienced. In the 18 months I have been a member, I have received approximately $9,000 in business as a direct result of LeTip membership.

Lisa Cowger, Palmarium Home Inspection Services

McHenry County LeTip, IL

Going to my weekly LeTip meeting is like picking up a paycheck! I like to use my LeTip membership to its fullest by visiting other chapters in my area where my category is open. It gives me the chance to meet other members and expand my networking circle. With LeTip, there’s no cold-calling. Even contacting guests after a meeting is warm because you have something in common! I have really become a source for referrals with my customers and friends. They know that through LeTip, I can help them find the perfect qualified business to fulfill their needs.

Teri Grubbs, PostNet

Coeur d'Alene/Hayden Afternoon LeTip, ID

I joined LeTip in November 2004. In the first 6 months of 2005 our company did more business than we had the entire previous year. LeTip

Greg Ladson, ODDTech.net

LeTip: How it works for our company through accelerated growth and psychic income: As a member of the South Lake Union LeTip, our company, Terabithia Landscaping, has experienced a lot of growth over the past year. In our line of work, landscape design and installation, every Tip we receive not only gives us a chance for a job, but also a chance for us to create a living billboard for our company. Many of our Tips have resulted in second or third generation clients that we would not have reached if not for the initial tip. It has been so exciting to experience this accelerated growth via LeTip, and I think it would be a great opportunity for so many small businesses like ours.

And as for psychic income, I know this is something we all enjoy enormously in our chapter. I recently gave an Inter-chapter Tip to an outstanding company, Crescent Builds, that has now generated over $400,000 income for their business. I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to know that you can really make a difference for another business on that scale, especially given the current economic climate. It is something we as a company are so proud of, and thankful to LeTip for opening up these possibilities.

Matt Mulkerin, Terabithia Designs Landscaping

South Lake Union LeTip, WA

As a member of LeTip, I have generated enough business to pay my dues for the next 15 years. However, what I find more important is, I have been able to put my clients in the hands of other very reliable professionals. I am very thankful that I found this organization and would refer it to anyone.

Marc Bamford, Marc Bamford Accounting

LeTip of Chester County East, PA

Since I have joined LeTip, I have improved my 30-second commercial which has won me awards and honors. I live my dream every time I stand up and promote my services. I have put “Dollars in my pocket,” and friends in my life. Before I joined LeTip, I did not have an extensive network of business professionals. Now I do!

John Knoernschild, Garden Samurai

LeTip of River City, OR

I recently attended a Network Training Seminar run by Gary Coon, our Regional Director. It has changed me in many ways, including how I conduct my business and how I support LeTip. I am now sponsoring members and have a new outlook on my business and LeTip. Our members have been working hard to grow our chapter and I believe we will have a strong, and successful chapter very soon.

David J. Fielding Sr., Fielding Construction Inc.

Merrimack Valley Executives. MA

LeTip is a great place to grow your business! Although I have only been in it for 1 year, my business has grown 30% since I joined LeTip and the majority of the 30% has been in the last quarter.

I cannot put into words how LeTip has helped me, not only in my business, but in my personal life also. When we read the 5 reasons to join LeTip, the one that states puts “Dollars in your pocket,” ™ is so true. Also, your chapter becomes like family. But my favorite is, makes you a better public speaker. With my job that is a very important asset. Without LeTip I would have not been as successful as I have in the last year, and especially in the last quarter. Last month I not only reached bonus for the first time…but I was ranked 2nd in the Region for non-show sales! Meaning 70% of my sales came from the internet and from my LeTip family at Blackmans Lake.

Thank you again. LeTip surely has made a difference in my life now, and the years to come.

Pat Hamburg, PartyLite Consultant

Blackmans Lake LeTip, WA

I have been a member since 1992. Being one of the oldest chapters in PA, we have seen a lot of changes and all of them are good… I’m sorry I mean GREAT. When we started out we where looking for a way to increase revenue but we found much more. We learned out how to speak in front of a large group, how to network properly and efficiently, and most important, how to make MONEY! And by the way, we made a lot of friends, too. The whole idea was to increase sales, but LeTip has been so much more. It has been an experience that we will never forget, and have plans for many years to come, with sales averaging approx. $961.50 a week. I think will stick around! Thanks, LeTip!

Joe Gebler, Home and Business Solutions

LeTip of Central Bucks, PA

I am a Doctor of Natural Health and hold the Health and Nutrition category in the Letip of Cherry Creek CO. This last March ’07 was my 20th year anniversary for LeTip. If LeTip doesn’t work why would I have stayed so long? My biggest year’s income from LeTip was $75,000 and my lowest was $9,000. LeTip is an incredible organization that allows to us meet other professionals and to make friends with them. After 20 years, I can’t count how many friends I have from LeTip. It has helped me build my practice. I love how I have grown in the public speaking category. I used to shake in front of the room. LeTip has helped my confidence as well as my pocket book. Feel free to call me anytime to ask questions about LeTip. I truly believe in it’s concept.

Dr. Paulette Coates, Essential Wellness

LeTip of Cherry Creek, CO

I have been a LeTip member for 9 years and I know LeTip works. That’s why my company is represented in three different chapters. Although our income from our LeTip involvement runs as high as $45,000 a year, there are so many other ways we benefit from our LeTip membership. What is especially important to me is knowing I can count on my fellow members. Anyone with any business sense should belong to LeTip.

Gerry Zoller, American Heritage Insurance Agency

LeTip of South Carroll, MD

One of the reasons I joined LeTip is to cultivate a broad network of trusted business associates to recommend to my family and friends. LeTip membership makes good business sense and how the strengths of the group benefit our families and friends.

David Levy, CMT

LeTip of Downtown Sacramento, CA

LeTip is easily the smartest business decision that I’ve ever made. I’ve been a member for 13 month’s and I’ve already had five closed transactions, with several more in the works. I am also benefitting tremendously by having a team of trusted advisors that are pros in their fields. By the way, we started last year with two members and are now at 15. I can’t wait to see what this year brings.

Dan Gervais, Keller Williams Realty

LeTip of Hyannis/Centerville, MA

I have been in LeTip for 6 years and nothing beats it as far as return on advertising investment. My company has a direct mail program and a large ad in the Yellow Pages, but we make more money from LeTip than both of those combined.

John S. Finnegan, Atlantic Office Systems

LeTip of Monmouth County, NJ

I make chocolate for all occasions and have done many weddings. I received a tip for a wedding, contacted the bride to be, discussed her needs and made an appointment. The time came for the meeting and she never showed so we rescheduled the meeting. Again, she was unable to make the meeting. At this point she decided to place the order sight unseen. She told me she trusted the person who had referred me. Several weeks later I delivered her chocolate roses. She was ecstatic with her purchase. She also complimented me on my demeanor over the phone. She said I had made her feel very comfortable. She trusted both of us, the person who referred me, and me to produce a product for a very important day in her life. It was a win-win for everyone. This is how LeTip works!

Nancy Swart, Aztec Gold Gourmet Chocolates

McHenry County Chapter, IL

Although I am by no means a morning person, I have never been late for my 7am LeTip meeting. In the last fiscal year, LeTip has generated 30,000 dollars worth of business in the last 12 months. In addition, the camaraderie, friendship and professionalism that exists at every meeting helps to keep me energized for the whole week.

Marian Berman, Gallery 44

LeTip of Howard County, MD

Linda and I enjoyed and learned immensely from your Network Training Seminar. LeTip has increased our gift basket business significantly and the Northampton Chapter is now our extended and loyal family. We are ecstatic over the various professions within our organization to which we can give referrals and also to help further the success of our own business. In the future we would like to train people in the gift basket business and now we have the resources to do so. We appreciate and feel honored to belong to LeTip.

John and Linda Janson, All-Seasons Gift Baskets

LeTip of Northampton, PA

I was becoming increasingly frustrated with trying to get my business to grow, and had tried every type of advertising there was, from restaurant placemats, local ads, new home buyer promos to word of mouth. My return was slow to non existent. I was approached about LeTip, and had never heard of it, and was skeptical about another form of advertising. It has been the best decision I have made! There is a professional loyalty in the Group that is refreshing, the meetings are fun and productive, and I can say that LeTip referrals have increased my business income 50%. The resources from the other members expertise has also helped my business flourish where I am weak, and provides me with continuing confidence and success.

Bridget Hanley, Little Conestoga Picture Framing

LeTip of Chester County East, PA

“I have been in the Downtown Seattle LeTip chapter for a little over 6 years. The chapter members have trusted me with their printing projects as well as their client’s projects. As a result Golem Copy Center has earned over $180,000.00 in that time period. LeTip is a great way to market your business.

Brenda Galang, Golem Copy Center LLC

Downtown Seattle LeTip, WA

For the last two years, 2005 and 2006, HALF of my business came to me through my Letip chapter! 50%! I don’t know any other Realtor who can say that they’ve had those kinds of results with any form of advertising! And dollar for dollar, there is nothing out there that even comes close to the kind of business Letip can bring you!

Erin Goldbach, Century 21 Northwest

Arrowhead Professionals Chapter of LeTip, AZ

In the first two months of joining River City LeTip, I’ve earned enough “Dollars in my pocket” to pay my dues for five years, and gained 21 new friends and salespeople for my business. Even more importantly, though, my weekly LeTip meeting charges my motivational battery and energizes me for my work like nothing else has in years! Thanks, LeTip!

Charles Miska, Financial Center Mortgage

LeTip of River City, OR

Joining LeTip a little over a year ago was the best business move I made all year. After a few short weeks the business started coming in. Now that I have built quality relationships with fellow members, my sales through LeTip leads grossed over $250,000.00 in my 1st quarter, and to date, just over $360,000.00. If you are looking for a great sales force without having to hire a single person, make sure you join the LeTip family.

Rick Davis, SOS Staffing Services

LeTip of Reno, NV

Joining LeTip was a great business decision for my company. My membership generated almost $40,000.00 in revenue for the company in fiscal 2007. Dollar for dollar, the cost of membership is the best money I have ever spent for marketing my business. I wouldn’t sell my membership at any price! I would recommend becoming a LeTip member to ANY business person who wants to grow his/her business. Thank You LeTip!

Ron Dycks, American Lending Resource Inc.

LeTip of Murrieta, CA

Great successes have come to my business as a result of my membership in LeTip. The benefits come in several areas. First there is the direct business. I have been introduced to business opportunities that have generated over $50,000 per year, every year that I have been a member. In fact I have told people that I make $1000 per week by getting to my Tuesday morning meeting at 7:01 AM. Secondly, the chapter has been a great asset for my clients. Once we let my database of clients know that we have over 30 professionals as a resource for them that they can trust and rely on, we receive calls from those clients asking for introductions. Being the “guy with the power rolodex” has helped my position with my clients and helped me generate tips for a wide variety of categories. Finally, the training has been great. Once you know how to work the “LeTip” system, nothing can stop the growth in your business. I recommend that any professional looking to grow their business and provide better service to their client base look at joining LeTip.

Dylan Kramer, Starpointe Mortgage

West Loop Chapter of LeTip, IL

The Network Training Seminar in Morgan Hill was really great! Your enthusiasm, real life examples, and encouragement to grow our businesses, really hit a mark in my thinking. Many business people, including myself, tend to think within the structure of our own business segment ‘habits’ — doing pretty much what our competition is doing, and with surprisingly average results. Thanks for giving me some useful ideas on how to think outside the box!

Kevin Sullivan, Roofserv Roofing Services

LeTip of Gilroy, CA

I have been a member of Castro Valley LeTip for five years and have found that LeTip has provided me the most economical means to market my business. I also advertise via print, and dollar for dollar, LeTip is the best buy out there. Person-to-person referral marketing is still the best way to market your business.

Shirley Ambro, Ambro Insurance Services

Castro Valley LeTip, CA

I can say without a doubt, that the three years I have been in LeTip have been the most productive expenditure of my marketing energy and budget. Not only do I get referrals from members and their significant others, I get referrals from their referrals! There has been a tremendous ROI from being a LeTip member, and, in addition, I truly enjoy the “psychic income” generated by helping my clients find professionals to whom I can refer with confidence. If you are serious about building your business, and your standing in the community, you need to be an active member in LeTip!

Noel L. Shaw D.C., Shaw Chiropractic

LeTip Premier Professionals, AZ

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