LeTip Success Stories

LeTip members are a diverse group, representing businesses in an ever expanding array of industries. From support and mentorship to improving communication and marketing skills, they credit their LeTip membership with helping them improve their business acumen. Here is a sampling of what we hear from them about the value of LeTip.

“As a Realtor, I was always told that joining a LeTip Chapter would help increase my business. That was an understatement! Not only has my business increased significantly, but I now have a personal sales force of 35 new people. I have been a Realtor for 17 years now and my relationship with my clients does not end when a sale is completed.”
Jodi Fein
LeTip of Ronkonkoma, NY, Real Estate
Realty Connect USA
“There are so many things that I love about LeTip; but, what I like best are the relationships that I have formed with the members of my chapter and members of other chapters all over the country. In addition to getting me lots of tips for new business, LeTip has helped me be a better business owner and sharpened my skills as a leader. I like how corporate is so accessible and in our corner, to help us succeed, both, as individual businesses and as chapters. Paul Della Valle, specifically, was amazing with the ups and downs we experienced, as we launched our chapter and, then, were able to charter.”
Sonia Benson
LeTip of Chevy Chase, MD, Credit Restoration
Cure My Credit Scores
In June of 2023, corporate shared that culture and quality over quantity mattered more. Things have been working out beautifully and we were still able to get 18 new members.
Brian Kirby
LeTip of Lower Bucks, PA, Physical Therapist
Capstone Physical Therapy & Fitness LLC
Joining LeTip has truly transformed both me and my business. With invaluable support and collaborative efforts, my business has soared to heights I had only dreamed of before. Surprisingly, within my first three months, I offset all membership fees for the year and witnessed a significant return on investment. The group's inviting atmosphere ensures every meeting and event is an enjoyable experience, making you feel like family.
Laura Walsh
AR2i Business Solutions
“Over the past year, I’ve seen the value of my seat increase to nearly $50,000. I have shared over $50,000 worth of tips to other members. The structure has helped me create an unpaid salesforce that understands my business, respects me as a person, and confidently recommends me to their networks. I have gained over 100 new customers thanks to LeTip members.”
Ron Fisher
Fisher Signs & Shirts
“LeTip is a wonderful organization that provides so many invaluable experiences, but my favorite thing has to be the amazing people I’ve met. My group is truly a family. Outside of our weekly meetings, we have quarterly gatherings and team building events, and I can say I’ve become personal friends with a majority of our members.”
Arielle Galiano
LeTip of Greater Monmouth, NJ, Salon
The Cut Salon
Coming to my first LeTip meeting I was told the seats are exclusive and you have to be invited. It certainly intrigued me. When I arrived I was overwhelmed by the potential opportunities sitting all around me. Today more than half of my business comes from the LeTip Family across the nation. I feel so blessed and humbled to be among some of the most wonderful, talented, thoughtful, inviting humans I have ever met. Thank you for the honor of being part of this great organization.
Lori Anne De Iulio Casdia
LDC Strategies