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Back on Track for 2021!

Dec 7, 2020 | Articles

We may have heard this word used to death over the past year, but these are “unprecedented” times. As a business owner, you’re used to improvising and navigating difficult situations, but there’s no blueprint for what 2020 has thrown at us.
It’s left many business owners second-guessing their decisions and fundamentally questioning their abilities. If any of this sounds familiar, read on to find out how to get the focus and momentum back in your life and business. It’s time to regain our strength in these times of uncertainty.

3 Ways to Overcome Challenging Times

1. Focus

Remember the energy and passion you had when you first started in business? Remember how easy it was to wake up in the morning and get started!
When your business losses momentum because of factors that are out of control, it’s all-too-easy to lose focus. But rediscovering that focus will help you and your business to survive the tough times and eventually thrive.
When COVID first hit, I immediately called my Business Coach. He helped me to focus and reconnect me to what really inspires me. This ultimately strengthened my business.

2. Accountability

One of the greatest challenges for business owners is not having someone to guide you and check in on you. Setting targets for you and your business is difficult to get right.
Our level of performance is always better when there’s a teacher nearby. If we’re even mildly accountable to someone else, we operate at a much higher level.
Having someone to vocalize your accomplishments is a great way of acknowledging them, and will inspire you to keep up the great work. This ensures that even your setbacks are constructive, and help you reach your target outcome.

3. Confidence

Even the most successful person you know needs reassurance from time to time. Self-doubt in moderation is normal, but when you lose confidence, it becomes harder to make positive decisions and proactively seek solutions for the problems your business is facing.
Having a trusted coach or mentor gives you professional and objective advice and feedback when you need it. A good coach will guide you to making better decisions until you feel strong and confident in your own abilities.
Now more than ever, helping to empower business owners, many of whom feel disenfranchised amidst the economic uncertainty is vital to the survival of our economic growth.
Having a trusted guided can help you navigate through uncharted waters so you can focus on what matters most right now. This is the best way to reconnect with your work and sustain that connection over time.
Owning a business shouldn’t be a major source of stress that it is for so many people. There’s another way.
Why not make 2021 the year to thrive in sync with your business!

Guest blog by Frank Lind, Business Coach
Chapter President of LeTip of Boca Raton, FL
Founder & CEO of Get The Edge Coaching Group

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