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Strategic Planning for YOUR LeTip Membership

POSTED June 1, 2020 | blogs

Why pay more? Each year your LeTip membership Renewal Dues are designed to increase incrementally with rising business costs. But there is a solution! As of Wednesday January 1st 2020 LeTip International instituted a new LOCK on increasing renewal dues. Every 12 month period from your renewal date if...


This week’s blog covers a very important update to LeTip Wired. Today we will update LeTip Wired, the mobile app and add a new function to tipping, called the Extended Network. These features should all be available at 4:30EST/1:30PST. First a few features that are in the updated LeTipWired....


How Can I Get Your Business?

POSTED April 17, 2020 | blogs

“How can I get your business?” That is a loaded question in today’s world being ravaged by Covid-19. It is, however, an essential question now and when things return to normal. What do you do? What does it look like? Why is it even important? So, let’s start on...


Helpful Resources & Business Tips

POSTED April 6, 2020 | blogs

We have been doing some research on ways we can help and wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some valuable resources. We hope that may prove useful to you during these times. From everything to business relief options, to tips to working remotely and more, please...


2020 Board Training Update

POSTED March 16, 2020 | blogs

Hello LeTip! Our original plan for 2020 was for Kim Marie, CEO of LeTip, to travel across North America for all Board of Directors Trainings. However, due to health and safety concerns of everyone involved, we will be changing the format of Board of Directors Training’s this year to...


Tracey Maddux, National President of the Year

POSTED March 2, 2020 | blogs

Click below to listen: To read more of Kim Marie’s Blog, click here Kim Marie Branch-PettidKim Marie is one of the leading women business owners in charge of an organization which includes more than 5200 members worldwide, now entering their 40th Anniversary Celebration. Her motivational speeches have been heard...

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