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Treat Networking Like Part Of Your Job

POSTED October 19, 2020 | blogs

This is an area that I cannot put enough emphasis on. Networking is Sales and Sales is Business. If you are going to be in business and think you don’t need to network, you are probably not going to make it. In some ways, I hope I’m preaching to...


Connecting with Lost Customers

POSTED October 5, 2020 | blogs

This is one of the toughest business environments that we will all ever face. I know we said that in 2000, when the economy went into recession and again in 2009 when we had the worst recession since the Great Depression. The difference with this one is that you...


Networking With Groups You Don’t Know

POSTED September 21, 2020 | blogs

My next 4 Blog posts are going to be about improving your networking skills in different situations. I have chosen some outside Blogs to use along with what I want to say because sometimes a different voice can get through more clearly. The four topic areas I am going...


Mentoring in LeTip

POSTED September 6, 2020 | blogs

Mentoring has always played a large role in the success of LeTip chapters. Chapters who take mentoring seriously from the Lunch Bunch thru the entire first year of a new member, have higher retention rates and pass more business. Who are mentors? They are people in your chapter who...


The New Normal or the New Abnormal?

POSTED August 17, 2020 | blogs

Today I want to give you a set of tools that you can use to help your chapter thrive during these difficult times. First and foremost, the best tool to use during this timeframe is your LeTip Peers. You have access to some of the best networking minds in...


Top 5 Ways We Reach You

POSTED August 3, 2020 | blogs

Our team at LeTip HQ works diligently week to week to gather and provide relevant communications to our members and prospects. We are focused on providing valuable member communications and wish to share this with you. We understand that sometimes our communications get missed. Often this is due to...

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