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Mentoring in LeTip

Sep 6, 2020 | Articles, Networking Tips

Mentoring has always played a large role in the success of LeTip chapters. Chapters who take mentoring seriously from the Lunch Bunch thru the entire first year of a new member, have higher retention rates and pass more business.

Who are mentors? They are people in your chapter who have demonstrated good judgement in all things. They are good for attendance and rarely miss a meeting. They pass a lot of tips and usually are your top tippers of the chapter and finally they bring guests. They hold a badge color of Blue or higher. These are not only mentors to be used in your chapter, but leaders as well. Would you want new members being mentored by someone who has under-performed in your membership? Having only one mentor for a chapter usually does not help if you have several members who need assistance. There is room for many if they meet the qualifications.

In the Chapter Resource Guide on page 109 is a list of the Mentor Duties that have been defined for years. Marc Beck of LeTip of Arapahoe, CO., has provided us with a Mentor Checklist that their chapter uses successfully. I wanted to share it with you and thank Marc and the Arapahoe team for this tool. I believe that if your chapter starts using a tool like this, it will be more successful, and your members will be more successful.

Their checklist is broken down into 5 areas: LeTip Wired, Chapter and Meetings, By-Laws, Membership and Tipping.

Let’s dive into the areas that they ask the Mentor to work with new members.

LeTip of Arapahoe asks their mentors to work with the new member to make sure they follow through on adding their picture, biography and correct contact information into Wired. Why is this so important? LeTip Wired is a tool that should help all our members get to know each other and pass more business. When you have tools like the Extended Network App, then passing outside tips will grow.

Arapahoe has the mentor sit with the new member for the first four meetings, but they also make sure they sit in different parts of the room so that they have the opportunity to meet as many members as possible during the first month.

The mentor is also responsible for working with them on the definition of a tip, understanding the Four Week Program of Showboater, Greeter, Speaker and Lucky Devil.

Something that I was very excited to see on their Mentor Checklist, was a discussion of the Bylaws. I am currently working with twelve members, from across the country, to review each Bylaw and update anything that is necessary due to changes that have occurred in Wired, with virtual meetings, or that just bring our networking into the 2020’s. Many chapters have specific rewards and reminders, that new members can’t really understand from the training materials, and they need someone from the chapter to take the time to go through with them why we do this. Do you know why we have gentle reminders?

One reason that LeTip of Arapahoe continues to be successful is that they require each new member to send out the 10 letters/emails inviting guests to the meeting. You may think “well of course, it’s in the By-laws”, but too many chapters don’t hold member’s feet to the fire on this and because of it, they don’t grow. Everyone must be held accountable for success to happen.

Finally, and probably most importantly, they help the member understand Tipping in LeTip and why we hold each other responsible for following up on Tips within 24 hours. We are all responsible for the highest level of service to all Tips, because your sales force is also your chapter and your family! The only thing I would add here is how to use LeTipWired, the mobile app and the extended network app for tipping.

Get involved. If you are one of the above mentioned people who have talked the talk and walked the walk, volunteer to be a mentor in your chapter and help all new members thrive!

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Kim Marie Branch-Pettid

Kim Marie is one of the leading women business owners in charge of an organization which includes more than 5200 members worldwide, now entering their 40th Anniversary Celebration. Her motivational speeches have been heard all across North America. With 28 years in the banking industry in all forms, including mergers and acquisitions, she has been and continues to be involved in fund raising for non-profit organizations, as well as a member of California Women for Agriculture, Sequoia Guild, member of Vistage Trusted Advisor Group and WPO-Women Presidents Organization, Phoenix, AZ. Also, she is a past board member of ASBA (Arizona Small Business Association). Her specialties include trainer, motivator, connector with years of experience in bringing businesses together for a ‘great fit’.

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