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The New Normal or the New Abnormal?

Aug 17, 2020 | Articles

Today I want to give you a set of tools that you can use to help your chapter thrive during these difficult times.

First and foremost, the best tool to use during this timeframe is your LeTip Peers. You have access to some of the best networking minds in the country bringing innovation to their LeTip Chapters weekly. You can access this talent in many ways.

a. Participate in the Monthly Leadership Calls which take great topics and share what is happening around the country. You can watch this month’s calls here:

b. Attend a virtual meeting of another successful chapter and see how they are thriving.

c. Contact your LeTip International team and we can connect you with mentors around the country.

Second, you need to evaluate your chapter and members to make sure they are adjusting to these new times. One tool that has been used for years to help in group dynamics the States of Team Development. I recently attended a session put on by Dr. Sharon Lamb Hartman on virtual teams and realized that all of us need to re-evaluate our performance and help everyone find ways to continue to build relationships and productive meetings. I have summarized a lot of her teachings in this Blog.

Before I get into the details of team performance, I do want to add that I continue to hear chapters who did not want to give LeTip Wired a chance because they were “performing” without it. They have now found that the tools we provide are truly helping them and they are getting even better. From the ease of sending and tracking Guest Invitations and confirmation of reservations to growing outside tipping with the Extended Network App. We truly believe that we have the best technology platform in the industry, and I hope you will all take a second look if you are not currently utilizing all of the tools we provide.
-Kim Marie

Is your chapter performing as well as you want?

Many of our chapters have entered a new phase of teamwork. Up until March, you may have been in the Performing Stage of teamwork where you understand each other, know your responsibilities and the work in your “networking” happens like clockwork.

Then the times changed. You started meeting virtually and you used the tried and true methods you have been using for years to get things done. But it just didn’t feel the same.

One reason may be that your team took a step back into either the Forming, Storming or Norming stage of teamwork. This is understandable, but unless you address it, you may stay there for longer than you want.

Here are some reminders about what the 4 Stage Process of Team Development looks like.

If your chapter has not re-established what “acceptable group behavior” is at virtual meetings, you may be stuck in the Forming Phase. Time to go back to basics and remember the ByLaws of LeTip that got you to your high-performance chapter in the first place. We run professional meetings that do not waste member’s time. We have a dress code. We hold people accountable for attendance, tipping, visitation. If you are not enforcing some of the basic rules, you will not get members to strive to hit the Tipping Goals and you will not impress guests into joining.

If your chapter is struggling with its purpose or being defensive about setting goals, you are probably in the Storming Phase. You may need to jump out of the order of your quarterly program, and it’s probably time to hold several Quarterly Round Tables. Have a Tipping Round Table first and get new ideas on the table for everyone, but specifically the members who are struggling the most. That means struggling to “get” business and struggling to “give” business. Both are challenges in this time, but some chapters are meeting that challenge and growing.

If your chapter feels like it is doing fine, you are open and friendly with each other, but you are not getting the tips that you need, you may be stuck in the Norming Phase. This is a comfortable phase to be in. Things feel good, but remember, we are here to be the Sales Force for each other. Each chapter, although they are family, is also an integral part of the growth and sustainability of each business of each member. Time to step up and move the team back into the Performance Stage.

Here are some other actions that your leaders can take to help you move forward from where your chapter is.

We encourage you to take advantage of the new tools that we have provided during this timeframe to help your chapter return to Performing.

      1. Have all members go to – The communication tools that you learn through the B.A.N.K. process will help you as you try to move your chapter forward by helping you understand what others are expecting.

      2. If you aren’t using Wired for Tipping, why not? You are not able to pass tips around the table. If you pass an outside tip to a member over the phone and don’t put the data into Wired, how are other members going to seek out the opportunity to Multiply that Tip. Beyond inside and outside Tips, you now have access to the Extended Network App, which allows you to pass your Roster along to hundreds of new potential clients. This is one of the biggest changes in technology that LeTip has introduced in years. We would be more than happy to help you understand the benefits.

      3. Finally, it is time for everyone to update and/or complete their profile. You must have a good picture, bio, company description and of course a Video Commercial. Video is a must these days. You need to have it in Wired, use it on social media, and of course the Extended Network App!

We wish all of our chapters a successful journey back to a high-performance level. We are here to assist.

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