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Power Partners: Contractors

Aug 7, 2023 | Articles, Networking Tips

Earlier this year, we covered popular power partnerships throughout our LeTip family both in the self-care realm and then in the attorney categories. To review, within LeTip, Power Partners are defined as “businesspeople whose professional connections intertwine with yours.” In your own networks, you may come across members in categories that are a synergistic match with your own – meaning members that can easily tip you by the nature of what they do. Those members are your Power Partners.

To identify your Power Partners, list all the businesses or professionals who:

• are already your customers
• you want to be your customers
• are your suppliers
• are in a related industry and provide complementary services or products
• can help you offer greater value to your customer’s needs

Today, let’s take a closer look at the contractor categories we have in LeTip and the power partnerships that can be developed within our chapters and how they can work together. Sometimes one tip can trickle down to several members in a chapter. This especially works when a member promotes fellow members as trusted business partners. Let’s look at an example:

Nancy, the realtor of the group, has a client that will soon be putting their house on the market early next year. Before doing so, the homeowner would like to make a few important repairs and would like to upgrade a few things around the house. Nancy shares that she has a trusted partners for those things and connects her customer with the handyman of the group for some smaller repairs. The homeowner would like to renovate a bathroom in the home and therefore the renovation contractor gets called in for an estimate. The basement needs a flooring upgrade, so the realtor asks the flooring contractor of her group to provide a quote. The inside of the home may need a fresh coat of paint. This particular chapter may not have a painter in the group, so Nancy checked in Wired and found a painter in a nearby chapter. She was able to send him an inter-chapter tip to provide a quote for that part of the project. The homeowner may choose not to use these contractors, but the opportunity for business was provided. A tip was passed in each instance. Also, if you find that members keep reaching out to the same categories for inter-chapter tips, it may be a great category to add to your own chapter, if you are looking into best categories to grow your chapter with.

According to our Top 50 Categories List, below are some of the most popular contractor categories throughout LeTip:

· Heating & Air Conditioning
· Contractor Painting
· Contractor General
· Contractor Plumbing
· Handyman
· Contractor Electrical
· Restoration & Damage Cleanup
· Contractor Remodeling
· Contractor Roofing
· Contractor Landscape

…and there are so many more Contractor categories in the LeTip network! Remember to use your LeTip resources and keep fellow LeTip members top of mind for all your projects!