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Using Your Appointment Book To Give More Leads

Aug 23, 2022 | Articles, Networking Tips

How many clients do you meet with each week? How many think of you as a trusted resource?

Its time to create a new pitch by creating a great story to use in the small talk section of your meeting. When they ask you “How are you?” or “What’s new?”, have a story to tell them.

I’m great. You know I’m in a networking group, right? One of my chapter members, the printer, gave me a tip last month that turned out to be great business.


I’m great. One of my networking groups members just called me and gave me great news that one of the leads I gave them for a colleague who needed a business coach turned into big business for them. They were so thankful, it made my day knowing I could help out.


With the right enthusiasm, this should lead to some type of follow-up question, like “How does that work?”, or “I could use a business like that also”. Don’t try to push to turn it into a lead at the time, unless it comes naturally. The goal is guide them to a lead by mentioning you work with these 25 businesses regularly and if they ever need a recommendation, you will trust them with the business. If they can trust you and your business, it is more likely for them to give more leads to your business.

If they are interested, get them a roster of the members in the group to take with them (or if you are in LeTip, send them an invitation so they always have the list on their phone).

You are accomplishing two things with this short 3–5-minute conversation. You are helping the members in your chapter by getting their names out and you are building a deeper relationship with your client, where you are becoming a trusted advisor. The second one solidifies your relationship with them even more than just business.