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Member Spotlight: Gary Block

Aug 1, 2022 | Articles, Member Spotlight

If you attended our Board Retreat this year, you may have met Gary Block! He led some of the training sessions for our board members and did a fabulous job with it! Gary Block is the current President of the LeTip of Buxmont, PA. He is also the owner and Creative Director of The Design Block. The company has worked with countless small and mid-size businesses and start-ups, creating their brand identity and building their success stories. Gary has been in the graphic design, marketing and promotional industry for over 35 years. Today, he shares his journey with LeTip and how he has focused on chapter growth.

“About four years ago, I engaged in a purposeful search to find the perfect networking group for The Design Block, my company, which services graphic design, advertising, marketing and promotional products clients. After participating in my first LeTip of Buxmont meeting, I knew that I had found my destination.

I knew coming in what I could bring to the table — Experience!
With many years in corporate leadership, owning The Design Block for 22 years and over 30 years of networking, that experience has resulted in countless success stories. Those who know me know that I’m driven by passion, empathy, and commitment. As one leader said, “When Gary says he’ll do something, it’s done, right.” I take it personally when something goes wrong and will do everything to remedy it with integrity and empathy. From the very first meeting my goal was simple: continue to raise the bar, so Buxmont is recognized as a top-ten LeTip chapter. After all, each member invests precious time, and that investment needs to pay dividends. When I use the word dividends, it’s not just money; it’s building friendships, trust, and enjoying the journey together.

For me, growing our chapter is not just about adding members…it’s about building a quality chapter that helps every member grow and get the most out of their LeTip of Buxmont experience. We constantly run programs to mentor and help our white badges learn and turn into green badges. In the process they learn how to invite guests and become more productive members. We never use the word join when inviting guests, that word scares prospects away. We implore them to come seek an opportunity to grow their business. We let our group’s dynamics sell them to the point that they want to become a part of our chapter. In doing this, our white badges are constantly turning green and the chapter continues to grow with quality members, making every members experience better, all while increasing everyone’s dollars in pocket.

I love our chapter. It feels like it’s extended family. We engage in social activities, and our camaraderie is infectious. For me, I feel this is my chapter,
I personally look after its well-being regardless of what board position I hold.

Gary, LeTip International thanks you for being an awesome member, for your leadership, and especially for sharing your knowledge at our Board Retreat, this year. Great job!