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How LeTip HQ Handles Stress

Jul 5, 2022 | Articles, Networking Tips

In our busy, busy world today stress is the number one reason for cancer, poor health, sleepless nights and so much more.

Everyone needs to take care of themselves. This blog is to give you an idea of how our corporate staff unwinds when having a stressful or busy day. Each one of us needs to take care of ourselves in any manner that relieves the stress. What do you do to feel better and unwind? We want to know…


CFO - John Pokorney:

“When stressed, I like to pick up a fiction book and read for 15 minutes to force my mind to stop thinking about issues that are stressing me.”

West Coat Vice President - Summer:

“When I am stressed I like to get outside and walk the hills.”

East Coat Vice President - Paul Della Valle:

“I like to get onto the treadmill or my bicycle.”

Executive Vice President - Ken Pettid:

“Riding my bike always helps me unwind. While riding just breathing and relaxing helps.”

Personal Assistant - Katie:

“When I am stressed or in need of a little bit of self-care, I always like to take a nice long hot shower, do a face mask, and put on clothes and makeup that make me feel confident and beautiful even if I have nowhere to go and nothing to do. The act of physically taking care of myself also assists in making mentally feel better. Taking time to treat yourself even if it is as simple as a face mask and a nice outfit, can make all the difference in your mood and general outlook on life!”

Office Manager - Scott:

“After a busy day, I watch a movie or walk around the neighborhood. This helps me unwind and relax.”

CEO - Kim Marie:

“When I am stressed, I organize. I throw out old things, tidy up my closets, my desk, even my gardening tools. Keeping busy helps me to relax. If all else fails I am swimming hard for 30 to 45 minutes.”

Admin Assistant - Maddy:

“I go outside and I walk five to seven miles a day.”

Webmaster - Jarett:

“Drink lots of water, get enough sleep every night, balance work and home life, and try to think positive. Reducing sugar and making sure you are trying to eat healthy is also a great way to focus on improving yourself. Set goals, write them down, and check in periodically to make sure you are on track. Have fun. Appreciate life. And spend more time with the people who make you happy, and less time with the people who don’t.”

As you can see, we are mindful of ways to de-stress helping us to detox and feel better. Drinking water is one of the best things you can do to bring clarity and give your body life sustaining substance. Taking time to consciously breathe is another way to take care of you. What ever methods you use, use them with purpose and intention. Know what triggers you and what to do to remain in control without losing your cool. Life is too short to sweat the small things. Open-up and realize what is around you and find your way to better health and calm. You deserve it.