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President of the Year: Peter Zales

May 4, 2022 | Articles, Awards & Accolades, Member Spotlight

The winner of our annual LeTip President of the Year Award for 2021, is Peter Zales of LeTip of Cherry Hill, NJ and Affordable Offset Printing!

Peter, the chapters Printer, is a Silver Badge holder who has been in LeTip for 6 years. As the chapter president of Cherry Hill in 2021, he has been a dedicated leader who has helped create new programs within his chapter for networking, learning, and fun. Peter also has been active in his community through volunteer work with the American Red Cross, a local t-ball team, his local church, and with his chapter members outside of regular weekly LeTip meetings.

His great support and leadership throughout the year has helped Cherry Hill remain one of the strongest, largest, and longest running chapters in south Jersey. Peter models good chapter membership with his high attendance rate, consistent tipping and regular guest invitations, with 5 of his guests joining in the past twelve months. Peter also has participated in national leadership training with LeTip at our 2021 Spring Training Seminar, where he spoke on the power of relationships (this can be viewed in the Video Library in LeTipWired).

Peter gets a lot of inspiration from his family, especially his mother Mary O. Zales (aka “Mama Zales”) who sadly passed away last November at the impressive age of 103 years old. Mama Zales was known to many Cherry Hill members and is greatly missed. He remembers her for having “an innate skill for putting people together and planning programs that would help others succeed, while having fun doing it!”, which he attempts to imitate every day. Peter truly is close with his family, and greatly values having them in his life. His commitment to connecting with others reflects onto his great leadership within his chapter.

Fellow chapter member, Teresa Salle, Cherry Hill’s Home Health Care specialist had this to say about Peter:
“I think that Peter spends more time and attention on his LeTip duties than on his primary job! He is a very giving person, who offers help to others continually. So, yes, he is a volunteer, he attends church faithfully, and he even attends events for members of LeTip of Cherry Hill, not only as the President, but as their friend! Peter makes every member feel welcomed and valued. So, at LeTip of Cherry Hill…we really are a FAMILY!”

Congratulations, Peter, on winning LeTip Chapter President of the Year! The whole team at LeTip Corporate is proud of you. We are sure that Mama Zales is very proud of you, too!