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Chapter of the Year: LeTip of Las Vegas

May 4, 2022 | Articles, Featured Chapter

LeTip of Las Vegas is a great example of possibilities for those who follow the LeTip proven structure. Despite the difficulties of the last two years, they were able to grow and prosper – from 22 to 30 members. The chapter also significantly increased the number of tips compared to previous years. LeTip of Las Vegas adheres to the LeTip guidelines but also add their own high energy and personality to meetings, making them both productive and FUN. Chapter attendance numbers are high, tips are high, and meetings are both on time and exciting!

LeTip of Las Vegas members are active in their Community, representing LeTip in Chambers of Commerce and service organizations. They were able to attract and support a wonderful new charity that is getting recognition and making a mark in their city. LeTip of Las Vegas exemplifies the core values of LeTip: Accountability, Commitment, Excellence, Integrity, Loyalty & Passion.

Setting ambitious goals helped them grow chapter membership by nearly 40% in one year. LeTip of Las Vegas consistently invited guests and regularly had guests attending meetings who were involved from the beginning, selecting one as the “Unknown Greeter” and encouraging all members to introduce themselves to them. These guests would also stand up and give feedback at the end of each meeting. LeTip of Las Vegas ensured high energy, upbeat and a positive experience. Guests regularly gave feedback that they were not expecting to have so much fun at an early morning meeting! Members gave testimonials, and guests were able to hear stories of how much the members are actually doing business with each other.

The chapter held three outstanding mixer events that were very well planned and executed, with high energy, wonderful venues, great food and a large number of raffle prizes. The mixers were well received and made the group stand out by continuing to keep growth in mind each week.

LeTip of Las Vegas members are very active in their local community; four of their current members have even been Presidents of a local Rotary Club. Some members are also members of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, the Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce, the Peruvian Chamber of Commerce, and more!

During 2021 LeTip of Las Vegas selected Answer4Cancer (business of chapter member, Misti Lund) as the preferred charity for the chapter. Answer4Cancer received a significant sum of money through monthly donations and raffles at their mixers. The chapter has supported Misti at multiple contests and events, helping with substantial increased exposure. Misti was also on the front page of the monthly LeTip newsletter, Communicare, and featured in a LeTip Corporate Podcast on Facebook.

We hear it time and time again, and it rings true: LeTip of Las Vegas is one of many chapters who truly symbolize family. Their Board meets monthly, guiding and leading their chapter to success. LeTip of Las Vegas has shown great Commitment to follow the LeTip structure, (Flipchart, By Laws, Rules of Order, NTS Training, LeTip Wired for tips, attendance etc.). Members are held to high levels of Accountability, and it is clear they strive for Excellence in all they do. Representing Integrity, avoiding conflicts of interest. Loyal to their members when referring business. Acting with Enthusiasm and Passion at all meetings.

On the third week of each month, they host Visitation which are productive and FUN! Some of their dynamic Round Tables are not just for Tipping and Recruiting, but also for covering B.A.N.K., Member Benefits, and emphasis on new things like the Extended Network and using LeTip Wired.

LeTip of Las Vegas told us their secrets to success:
· Follow the LeTip structure.
· Set goals and create a plan of action to achieve them.
· Keep members accountable.
· Don’t be afraid to let non-productive or unhappy members go.
· Use common sense when making decisions.
· Lean on your longstanding members as mentors and examples!
· Don’t downplay the value of longevity!
· Stay connected to Corporate through the webinars, NTS, and your Regional Vice President.
· Ask members to get involved and step into leadership roles, and then let them shine.
· Learn from challenges and mistakes and improve every week.
· Stay on course and never lose sight of your goal.
· Keep in mind the anonymous quote “Good things come to those who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get them”.

Most of all, be creative and have FUN!

Congrats, LeTip of Las Vegas – LeTip Chapter of the Year!