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LeTip of Hackensack, NJ

Feb 7, 2022 | Articles, Featured Chapter

Time – the most valuable commodity for small business owners and LeTip Board members.
By Doug Freidman (Social Media Marketing, LeTip of Hackensack)

Our focus chapter this month is LeTip of Hackensack in NJ, which is one of the largest chapters in LeTip. It is very successful in no small part due to their organized approach to running successful meetings. I have the great privilege of being in this chapter and see how well the meetings are run first hand.

One of the most common phrases spoken is, “I don’t have time!” but fortunately for LeTip of Hackensack, that phrase is never uttered because of proper time management. All of the group members strive for the same goals, so meetings stay efficient and organized while the chapter grows.

Proper leadership is one of the most important factors to keep an organization strong. Great leadership enhances productivity and achieves organizational goals, while simultaneously guiding and influencing other members in a positive way. Carl Shoemaker, certified business coach and vice president of LeTip of Hackensack says, “in our group that is President Craig Andriulli.”

A strong leader needs members to put in their part as well. Shoemaker says the members all have “a common goal to help each member build their business” and by having a clear goal accepted by everyone, meetings are much more productive. To maintain a structured meeting, the “LeTip plan is followed which helps all members learn how to get their message across in a dynamic and efficient way,” says Shoemaker.

LeTip of Hackensack has become a popular and quickly growing group in North Jersey with over 60 members! The structure of the meetings has changed over time to accommodate the needs of a larger group.

The member presentations are a significant part in the LeTip meetings. As the program director, Steve Wulin schedules the presenters. In the past, Wulin would have two members speak for 10 minutes each per meeting. But, as the group grew, the members had fewer opportunities to present their businesses.

To optimize the amount of time given per meeting while accommodating the large group, Wulin changed the number of speakers to three per meeting with a seven-minute time slot to present. This forced members to be more concise in their wording, which led to more interesting and interactive presentations. Wulin says “growth is a good problem to have” and
adapting to the changing needs of the group has worked out for the best.

With the new meeting structure in place, Michael Filardi, the sergeant at arms, and Matthew Libien, a Wells Fargo advisor, enforce the rules to keep things timely and productive. Libien says, “I have been a member for over 20 years, so I know the rules and I am considerate of others. Some people will speak all day if you don’t time them. When I am keeping time, I am not shy. I have no problem announcing that time is up and that we need to move to the next speaker.”

Additionally, the disciplinary tactics used in LeTip have positivity influenced members to use the same strategies for their businesses. Michael Filardi, owner of AMP Construction says, “I am the sergeant at arms for LeTip. It is my duty to make sure our meetings run and operate on a timely fashion, from our speaker presentations to testimonials in our meeting end commercials. I now treat my business like I treat LeTip meetings, being on time and finishing a project in a timely matter.”

We can all take some lessons from the Board and members of LeTip of Hackensack. Use the tools that are proven and use each other’s time wisely. Whether it is being prepared for chapter meetings or sending as much information as you can in your tip messages. Always treat your chapter members time as your own.