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Quick & Basic Free Website

Nov 1, 2021 | Articles

Newly forming chapters, smaller chapters, and sometimes even new entrepreneurs or small business owners haven’t yet begun building their web presence. Time waits for no one, so what better time to get started than today?

This blog is aimed at helping chapters, members, and even people outside of LeTip to get their business information online quickly and for free! Please keep in mind, we always encourage people to utilize your local web design person and/or business to build you a fully fledged website, this is just a basic and temporary way to hold you over in the meantime until you are able to do that. And sometimes, with our newer chapters and businesses, they don’t even have a web person in their chapter or they haven’t yet been introduced to one in their area. So consider this as a stepping stone between having no website at all, and hiring a person to help you build a website. With that in mind, also note that these free website options will be quite limited when compared to purchasing a custom built website. You’re always – no matter what – going to want to eventually get a custom built website from the ground up.

So are you someone who needs a quick and easy (and free) website to get your feet on the ground and get your web presence started? Below is a video overview of how to accomplish creating a quick and basic free website for your own personal or business use.

Most of the free website builders out there are pretty straightforward and utilize a drag and drop building system, which should be easy enough to pick up for even those who know nothing about web design. Just imagine what you want people to see when they come to your page, and start thinking about visually mapping that out. It helps to think of a handful of your 5-10 top most important things you want to have on there, for example a contact page, an about you page, or a testimonials page.

There are tons of great options out there, the ones suggested in the video above are Weebly and Wix – but of course there are many more out there online. Here are also some great resources for more in-depth guides on using these websites (courtesy of Guide: “How to Use Weebly”, Guide: “How to Use Wix”

But again, remember, this is just a stepping stone. You don’t always want to have a free website, because that can give off a look to some people that may seem a bit unprofessional. This is only meant to be a temporary solution.

Are you past the simple free website stage, and now ready to hire someone to build you a custom website? Why not check out one of our vetted and trusted LeTip members to help you with that in the Internet Web Design category! Click here to look them up in our database and find one just for you! LeTip members across North America are awaiting your business today.

-Guest blog by Jarett Branch
Web Manger, LeTip International