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LeTip of Bergen County, NJ

Nov 1, 2021 | Articles, Featured Chapter

Scott Breyer shares his first impression with LeTip of Bergen County, NJ: “It was May of 1997, and I was 28 years old. 1997 was my first full year in the Real Estate business and I was meeting with anyone and everyone I could. I received a call from Ken Johnson, who was our mortgage rep at the time, telling me I had to be at the Suburban Diner in the morning, at 6:45 AM. I didn’t question him and said yes. He also told me to bring my father with me, which I did. The following week I returned by myself as waking up early was not my father’s thing. I was very fortunate as not only did the prior Realtor resign from his spot, but no others came in to challenge me for mine. Soon I was visited and inspected by a former member named Keith Lesser who was the architect at the time and voted in the following week. The chapter was just under 30 members at the time and the President was a man named David McGill who did Office Furniture. David ran the meeting so well and really set the tone. Everyone made an immediate impression, and I knew this was something that I wanted to be a part of. Never thought I would be here, 24 years later, still doing this… “

Since Covid, our chapter is going back to basics while continuing with a lot of social media and email marketing. We are re-starting a program called Progressive Fiver Day, in which a member has a weekly obligation to send out invites of some type, whether it be postcards, letters, phone calls, social media posts, emails, etc. We continue to offer the Zoom option, even though we have been meeting back in person since the spring.

One of the many great things about our chapter is that we have about 5 members who have been there as long as me, which means we’ve been doing this a LONG time, says Scott. We know how to get things done and how to work around issues without too many disruptions. Overall, the key to avoiding issues is proper instruction and communication. Unfortunately, there will always be obstacles, some of which come out of nowhere, and we must keep the energy up to deal with them. Definitely not the same doing this at 51 years old as it was when I was 28, but I truly enjoy the people around me.

LeTip of Bergen County is actively looking for basic contractor categories, such as electrician, plumber, GC, etc. We would LOVE to have a Travel Agent as they are in front of so many people. Other categories are Florist, Gift Baskets, Photography.

When it comes to success stories, LeTip of Bergen County has many! The chapter has sustained members through the housing recession, all the way to providing an attorney with the biggest lead he has ever had and everything in between.

The key thing about LeTip of Bergen County is that the chapter has longevity. Scott asks, how many groups have people who have dedicated 25 years of their life to it? Another 25 + year member, Kenneth Porkka, and I, both have GOLD badges. As I said earlier, when I first joined, the chapter was just under 30 members. We have been as high as 58 members and as low as 13, but one thing has remained throughout it all and that is the solid core of members who keep the fire burning. I have seen marriages and babies come out of members meeting each other at our chapter. Unfortunately, I have also attended some funerals of past members as well. That’s a part of this whole trip. We become business associates, colleagues, and friends. Many of us still get together outside the meetings in social ways as well. We welcome anyone with some fresh ideas and energy who will help keep it going.

-Scott Breyer
Chapter President
LeTip of Bergen County