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LeTip of Arapahoe County, CO

Jul 30, 2021 | Articles, Featured Chapter

As president of the Arapahoe County chapter for two years and approaching four years as a member, I am endlessly grateful for the opportunities and success that our Chapter/Family has provided.

As with all of us, the period since March 17th “The date Denver and Colorado shut down” has been both challenging and rewarding. The rewarding part is how proud I am of our chapter in how we supported each other both in business and personally through these unprecedented times! As cliche’ as it sounds, we really are extended family!

We are fortunate to have members that have been with LeTip for 27 years and three new members under three months. Our Veterans provide a much appreciated wealth of knowledge that we all rely and benefit from, and I most especially as President! 

Our members are looking forward to getting back to One on Ones, New Member/Power Partner luncheons, and the various other contests and prizes that make the group so much fun!

I am proud to say; that while we not only support each other; we also support MANY Charities throughout our community.  There are no less than 15 different worthy local organizations that we support by individual members as well as the group at large. Our upcoming Social is being held for the 2nd time at a local Brewery/Restaurant that employs Developmentally challenged and Handicapable individuals! This wonderful business is named Brewability! It has never been more important to give back when we can!

With Covid nearly in our rear view mirror, we are committed to continue to support and nurture our current members, but also help new members grow and succeed with this great organizations’ help. I know that my business alone has grown by a factor of 10 in the last six months from just our chapter. 

While we are hardly the largest Chapter of LeTip, I believe that we; as all of our sister chapters; have an unlimited opportunity for growth and I look forward to what the rest of 2021 and beyond brings!  

Best Wishes for continued success from LeTip of Arapahoe County!

-Christopher Dunphy
LeTip of Arapahoe County, CO


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