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Member Anniversaries

Jul 5, 2021 | Articles, Member Spotlight

From June thru July 2021, we want to celebrate some special anniversaries of our members.
We have 2 members celebrating 40 year milestones:

Barbara Bertran – LeTip of San Diego North, CA

Clark Anderson – LeTip of La Jolla, CA


We also have 57 members celebrating milestones from 5 – 25 years:

Name Years in LeTip Chapter
Al Mervin 25 LeTip of Toronto East/Markham, Canada
Gary Marquis 25 LeTip of Orange County, CA
Suzanne Leslie 20 LeTip of Orange County, CA
Jeanne DeStefano 20 LeTip of Princeton, NJ
Kim Marie Branch-Pettid 20 LeTip Headquarters
Michael Spencer 20 LeTip of Arapahoe County, CO
Vince Tecce 20 LeTip of Yardley, PA
Simon Rimmington 20 LeTip of East Broward, FL
Mike Pailliotet 20 LeTip of Santa Cruz, CA
Martin Millner 20 LeTip of Yardley, PA
James Dutton 20 LeTip of Yuba City, CA
Bob Harns 15 LeTip of Lake Stevens, WA
Joseph Lorenz 10 LeTip of Freehold, NJ
Mike Hallam 10 LeTip of Commack, NY
Leland Talcott 10 LeTip of Boca Raton, FL
Chris Rudolph 10 LeTip of East Broward, FL
Larry Ransom III 10 LeTip of Summerlin, NV
Janet Refoa 10 LeTip of Westside Referrals Network, CA
Richard Bliss 10 LeTip of Northridge, CA
Bonnie Natal 10 LeTip of Mount Laurel, NJ
Christopher Bean 10 LeTip of Howard County, MD
Claude Ohanesian 10 LeTip of Chicago Downtown, IL
Dan Brenner 10 LeTip of San Diego North, CA
Brian Dilsheimer 5 LeTip of Main Line, PA
Mark Rampolla 5 LeTip of Sunrise, NY
Hilary Kuster , CFP 5 LeTip of Sunrise, NY
Holmes Orrego 5 LeTip of Hackensack, NJ
Benjamin Costa 5 LeTip of Clifton, NJ
Janiece Candanoza 5 LeTip Headquarters
Adam Drake 5 LeTip of Sunrise, NY
Andrew Evans 5 LeTip of Murrieta, CA
Nicholas Galletta 5 LeTip of Riverhead, NY
Nathan Hess 5 LeTip of Desert Springs, NV
Sandra Antunes 5 LeTip of Two Rivers Area, PA
Harry Pressman 5 LeTip of South Carroll, MD
Tim Jorgens 5 LeTip of River City (Portland), OR
Cheryl Zantz 5 LeTip of Freehold, NJ
Charles Church 5 LeTip of Blue Bell, PA
David Escobar 5 LeTip of San Diego North, CA
Summer Middleton 5 LeTip Headquarters
Jerry Willard 5 LeTip of Bohemia, NY
Eric Hayse 5 LeTip of San Jose, CA
Stuart Schuster 5 LeTip of Port Jefferson, NY
Heath Warner 5 LeTip of Shasta County, CA
Natasha Parvey-Leskowich 5 LeTip of Columbia County, OR
Eric Stofman 5 LeTip of Tri County, NJ
Garrett Logan 5 LeTip of Tustin, CA
Roselynd Hughes 5 LeTip of Somerset Hills, NJ
John Pyron 5 LeTip of South Placer, CA
Sunny Fleisch 5 LeTip of Newtown, PA
Dennis Barnhart 5 LeTip of South Bay, CA
Zach Beatty 5 LeTip of Mission Bay, CA
Stephen Zarodnansky 5 LeTip of Princeton, NJ
Randall Hall 5 LeTip of San Diego North, CA
Kevin Virgin 5 LeTip of Newtown, PA
Greg Calvani 5 LeTip of Newtown, PA
Librada Vagnozzi 5 LeTip of Harrisburg Metro, PA