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The Importance of BOD

May 3, 2021 | Articles

Why should I attend Board of Directors (BOD) Training each year? I have been doing this forever.

YOU are a leader within your chapter and your community.

“Why is it important for you to attend?”

People are counting on you.

You learn about important ideas and things other chapters are doing with great success. Especially during a pandemic where we cannot see each other except through Zoom, it is so very valuable to keep your chapter moving forward and connected. Without on going interaction, the little things are lost and what that boils down to is everyone doing their own thing and no one sharing best practices.

This year, you are learning from your peers who have stepped up to share what successes they have accomplished. Giving you ideas of how to hold it together and go beyond the pandemic. Even as we begin to pull out of this pandemic, as we meet in person, on Zoom or some sort of hybrid, who is left behind? How do we engage them? Coming to the training will allow you to hear from others going through the same things and how they are doing it with success. You will hear about changes to the Bylaws, success stories from individuals and exciting new information about our technology.

What makes LeTip chapters successful?


The leaders of any organization are the ones who motivate and propel others forward to success. It does take an entire board to assist in the growth and success of any chapter. Holding yourself accountable as well as your members shows a strong organization. Without the Board sharing best practices and learning from others what works and what doesn’t you have to wing it alone. There is no need, the information shared at board training is designed to assist you in being the best you can be. You owe it to your members. You were nominated and voted in now it is your duty to excel. Being a part of the training will allow that to happen. You will only get out of the organization what you are willing to put in. Are you an active member or do you just belong?

Looking forward to seeing you next week at Board Training and all members are invited this year! Want to make a difference in your chapter?

Step up, learn, share and become the leader we know you are!

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