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Member Spotlight: Greg Amsler

May 3, 2021 | Articles, Member Spotlight

If you have ever jumped on to one of LeTip International’s Lunch Bunch or Happy Hour calls, you have probably virtually crossed paths with, the ever so affable, Greg Amsler, owner of the IMC Company. He can, regularly, be found offering up positive encouragement, giving glowing testimonials, and energetically gathering golden “nuggets” of information to pass on at his chapter meetings. He often refers to his fellow LeTip members as family.

Greg began his LeTip journey in August of 2018. Currently, he serves on the board as Tip Master for the LeTip of Carmel chapter. As the owner of the IMC Company, he helps small businesses grow “one 5-star review at a time.” What does that mean? That means that Greg and his team have a proven method to help business owners manage and improve their online reputation. Greg shares, “My team and I are passionate about helping you manage and improve your online reputation so you can spend more time managing your business. It really is that simple.”

Teamwork, a winning attitude, and unyielding support of his fellow colleagues are not new concepts to Greg Amsler. These were instilled in him from a young age, carrying him through playing college football at the University of Tennessee and achieving his goals of playing in the NFL, for teams like the Arizona Cardinals and the New York Giants. Yet, this feat is something he is very humble about. He will be the first to say that he put his team members before himself. Greg values the power of teamwork and it shows with his support of his colleagues and how he handles his clients. “What really fueled my tank [in my football days] was scoring for my lineman, my coaches and my fans – not for myself. THAT fueled my tank.” And that concept continues to “fuel his tank” when it comes to his clients – when he can get them a 5-star review. “Sometimes, we don’t know what that “atta boy,” of getting that review can do for that business owner and THAT is like scoring again – getting to serve my client.”

Greg lives in California with his wife Micki and daughter Gabi. He looks forward to continued business success, through his LeTip family.

Greg Amsler – The IMC Company