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President of the Year – Melanie Rasmussen

Mar 1, 2021 | Articles, News & Announcements

When asked to share a little about myself, I always say family first. I’ve been happily married to my husband, Harry, for almost 25 years. I’m also the proud mom of two amazing boys. Alan will be 19 in March and Ben turned 14 in January. I started my business when I was pregnant with Alan. I’m incredibly grateful that I’ve been able to be a full-time stay-at-home mom, while also being a full-time successful businesswoman. One of my passions is traveling with my husband and our children. There’s no greater gift for me, than to be able to experience our world with our children and see the awe and enjoyment on their faces.

I’m a New York State certified elementary and special education teacher. I’ve been educating children and adults since 1992. The highlight of my classroom teaching career happened in 2000 when I was teaching in Maryland and was named Baltimore City Teacher of the Year. I started my business, tutoring students on my own, when we moved back to NY. Two years later, I incorporated, Reach for the Stars Tutoring, Inc. was born, and I started hiring teachers to help me. Today we have more than 50 tutors working with us.

Almost 16 years ago, I attended a networking event with my cousin. I had no clue what networking was, how to do it, or how powerful it was. There I met Ken San Pedro, who invited me to a LeTip meeting. I had never heard of LeTip but I’m glad I took a chance and gave it a try. Kenny has truly been a mentor to me. This May marks my 16th anniversary in LeTip. Without a doubt, becoming a LeTip member was the single best business decision I ever made and continues to be so.

I am humbled, honored, and excited to receive this nomination. I care very deeply about my LeTip chapter and the success, health, and happiness of all our members and I hope that shows every day. We’ve been through a lot this year, as all chapters and people have. I make sure that I always put our chapter first. I check in with members, to make sure they’re ok, and see how their family members are doing. My board and I are always striving to make our chapter even stronger and more successful. I have learned how to maximize combining Facebook with LeTip to get as many tips as possible for our members and I teach others to do the same. I love being able to say, “I’ve got a tip for you!” I enjoy supporting and celebrating other business owners. I also try to make things fun and keep our meetings light and engaging. Again, I’m grateful to have been nominated.

My why is in knowing I made a positive impact on someone else, that I helped someone else in any way I could. I heard lyrics from a song recently. It went something like this: You die twice. The first time is when they bury you. The second time is the last time someone ever utters your name. That struck me as incredibly powerful and profound. I want to know that I made a difference. I love connecting people with the resources they need and LeTip gives me the reliable, trustworthy network to do that.

Specifically, why do I keep getting up at 5am every Tuesday morning for 16 years and counting? Because LeTip works. Simple as that. When I joined LeTip almost 16 years ago, I had only been in business for one year. My background was in education. The only business course I ever took was one elective in high school where they taught you how to balance your checkbook. LeTip and my chapter members literally taught me how to build and run a successful business. I learned to focus on what I know best – education and connecting with potential clients. I learned to surround myself with experts and professionals, who know more than me and who I trust, to help me with the rest. I use my LeTip members for all aspects of my business needs and my personal needs, too. It’s great knowing that you have people, friends, you can rely on and trust.

The most challenging thing as President is staying on top of everything while also learning to delegate. The President can’t and shouldn’t do it all. It’s important to have a board you can trust and rely on. It’s also important to really hear each other when you disagree, compromise when needed, and present yourselves as a united front to your membership. I’m proud to say this is my 4th year serving as President. I’ve learned a lot serving in this position. I’ve learned how to lead, to become comfortable speaking in front of a large group, how to handle and resolve conflict, and a lot more. I’ve definitely grown as a person and a businesswoman thanks to LeTip and serving as President.

For other Presidents and soon-to-be Presidents, I offer this advice. Always act with the best interest of your chapter in mind. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. It’s already been done for you – and it works. Follow the bylaws and program. Don’t take things personally. Sometimes things will go amazingly well and sometimes, not so much. Rely on your board and committee members. You can’t and shouldn’t do it alone. Be proud of yourself, for stepping up and possibly outside your comfort zone. Your chapter appreciates you and Corporate has your back!

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