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Member Spotlight: Dennis Bernstein

Nov 16, 2020 | Articles, Member Spotlight

My name is Dennis Bernstein, a senior vice president here at Parcel Management Auditing & Consulting (PMAC). I am also a very proud member of LeTip of Morganville, NJ, and have been so since 2010, and Chapter Tip Master since 2012. I am a Silver Badge holder with twenty (20) members under my belt, many of which are still in the group. I would like to think I was an integral cog in the wheel that grew our chapter from approximately 22 members in 2010 to as high as 54 members.
In my “first life” with LeTip, I sold ads in a local advertising publication, calling on about 500 clients every quarter … 80% of them in person. Being “in their face” afforded me the luxury of taking the final few minutes of my visit to laud the virtues of joining LeTip. In January of 2019, I made a career change where I would work from the comfort of my home. Pre-COVID-19, this arrangement certainly had its pros and cons. I would not have to brave the 3° weather, sweat through 103° weather, navigate through torrential rains … and no longer would I have to put 30,000+ miles/year on my cars.
Instead of basically working in one county of New Jersey, I now have the entire country at my disposal. Every morning I hit my desk at about 8:30 and “smile and dial” my way through the day. I miss the one-on-one personal interaction with people, but as we all know, life is full of compromises. I would like to take a minute to explain our business to you. Perhaps you are currently working with some large companies, or have in the past, that you feel might avail themselves of our services. I can assure you they will be very thankful for the introduction and, needless to say, I will try to reciprocate wherever possible.
Cutting right to the chase, shipping expenditures are frequently the largest inherent business cost … and the ones easiest to be confused. It is absolutely imperative that one audits their UPS and FedEx invoices. 2020 is proving to be the most difficult time for billing errors, price increases, and surcharges. Waiting on the value of what we deliver will only delay the savings … affecting the all-important bottom line.
Parcel Management Auditing & Consulting (PMAC) is family owned and operated, was founded in 1998 and still growing every day. PMAC has truly set the standard where all others fall short. You should know that we audit almost $6 BILLION in small parcel annually and are a source provider to the industry. We “wrote the book” when it comes to audit, freight management, and visibility. In a nutshell, PMAC is a cost-free extension of any logistics team.
OUR SERVICE IS FREE AND WE DO ALL OF THE WORK! We check for and get our clients WEEKLY refunds on:
· Late deliveries
· Wrong address corrections
· Duplicate billings
· Residential charges that went to commercial locations
· Invalid Saturday pick-up and delivery charges
· Delivery area surcharge errors
· Closed loop duplicate billings
· Rating errors
· Discrepancies in dimensional weight adjustments
· All contractual considerations ***
We get paid a percentage only for the refunds we recover. Some of our clients include Anthem Health, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cartier, Dollar Tree, Goldman Sachs Private Equity, Greenberg Traurig, Henry Schein, Jet Blue Airlines, MaxMara USA, Montblanc, The National Football League, Paychex, Spanx, Stanley Black & Decker, Texas Roadhouse, WellPoint … just to name a few. We are their shippers’ advocate!
Numbers don’t lie! Being a firm believer that actions speak louder than words, I would welcome the opportunity to run a FREE, NO OBLIGATION test audit for any qualifying company as soon as humanly possible. It’s painless … all we need is the last 2 months of billing invoice history, which is very easy to access. Once we are furnished with this info, I will have the results within 48 hours to go over in detail, via a GoTo Meeting conference call. At that point in time, the client will be shown the money we would have been able to save them, using their data (not some glorified, hypothetical scenario), had they been our client. The figures are staggering.
Equally important, they will see how we drive efficiencies, provide unparalleled transparency, and the most detailed reporting capabilities, all at their disposal … again, no charge. These reports alone will make them look at their small parcel spend as they have never done before!
*** With reference to contractual considerations … we have helped negotiate some of the largest small parcel contracts in the country. Simply stated, if one knows how a company makes money (i.e. UPS or FedEx), and we know how our client fits into the carrier’s profile, what better way is there to level the playing field? This is where the rubber meets the road. As pioneers in this niche industry, coupled with our intimate understanding of the language in the agreement, we know where we can push the envelope and where we cannot. The end result is an agreement that is optimized for our client, NOT for the carrier.
When you have a chance, I implore you to take a minute and visit our website It will give you a very clear snapshot of what absolutely makes us the undisputed leader. Again … I would appreciate any connection, whether it be personal or professional, who you feel might be a good fit.
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to “speak” with all of you!
-Dennis Bernstein
LeTip of Morganville, NJ
Parcel Management Auditing & Consulting