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Nov 16, 2020 | Articles, Featured Chapter

At the core, the culture of our LeTip Chapter is that of a family. Like any family going through hard times, we leaned on each other for support and stuck together. At the beginning of COVID, our chapter decided to start meeting virtually by Zoom so that we could still see and talk to one another. If it weren’t for our strong relationships with one another, I think it would have been harder to get everyone acclimated to using new technology, but everyone’s willingness to connect with each other and transition to virtual meetings was really impressive. For the first few meetings, we simply listened and shared concerns with what was going on in the world and how it was affecting each of our businesses. Individuals shared what support they needed from the group. Whether it was help applying for PPP/EIDL loans, questions surrounding deferring mortgages, furloughing employees… It was remarkable to see so many members step up to support one another with the utmost care and compassion. Once it felt like we weathered the initial COVID storm, we put forth a lot of energy as a board to create a Zoom experience moving forward that would help to motivate our members and leave them feeling abundant thinking and grateful at the end of our meetings.
One of the motto’s that is often said in our chapter is “where the mind goes, energy flows!”. The board decided to structure the way we run our Zoom meetings around having a positive and energetic mindset. We kick off our meetings by reading a motivational quote of the week picked out by a member that can be applicable to both life and business! We also quickly cover how to arrive at our Zoom meetings, which is to show up prepared, professional, and with the same energy you would bring to an appointment with a new client!
One of the specific ways our chapter boosts morale is by designating time in our meetings for “cheers for peers.” This high-energy time is used to provide each other with powerful and detailed video testimonials for business passed the previous week! As we record all of our meetings, our members are able to later use these testimonials for their website, social media marketing and in their Wired profiles. We are a group of very dynamic and competitive professionals and we find that contests are fantastic for motivation and engagement. One of our most popular contests is for the best 30 second commercial, which is typically judged by a guest. Our members are judged based on creativity, energy, and specifics such as what their ideal prospect is for the week. The member that wins this contest becomes our Target Tipper for the week, in addition to our spotlight speaker!
Our chapter is unique because of our close group of vibrant members. We strongly encourage building rapport with one another and getting to know each other on a personal level to strengthen relationships. When a new member joins our chapter, we host a special meeting focused on getting to know them and their business! Some of the most successful power partnerships have formed by creating synergy and networking outside of our weekly meetings! The collaborative energy of our group is also what we are reputable for. We have a blast, but we also get down to business!
This July, we celebrated the 28th LeTip anniversary of our honorary member Karen Goldman, of Goldman Seeger APC! Karen has been practicing family law & estate planning for over 30 years and is a key pillar to the culture of our group. Karen is our Ethics Chair, and has served nearly every position on the board including past president since 1992! She rarely misses a meeting unless she’s in court and has attended close to 1,400 meetings total since she joined LeTip. She is simply OUTSTANDING!
Our goal for 2021 is to fill 10 new categories with an emphasis on power partners, and we are very eager to achieve it.