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Member Spotlight: Ken Mays

Oct 19, 2020 | Articles, Member Spotlight

How I found my networking home

Four years ago, Ruy Garcia-Zamor, the incoming president of the Howard County Maryland Chapter of LeTip , invited me to attend a LeTip meeting. I said I wasn’t interested. After 34 years running a website development and Internet Marketing business, I had travelled down the business networking road many times and never received a return on investment. I received a lot of business cards, sipped a little wine, and chatted with other business owners, but never received solid leads that resulted in significant new business. I told Ruy that I had closed the business networking door. Ruy persisted, explaining that LeTip is different. Attend one meeting, he said, and I will understand. I finally gave in, agreeing to attend one meeting, and making him promise he would never ask me again.
That first LeTip meeting changed my life and the trajectory of Mays & Associates.
Even though I’m a writer, designer and right-brained visionary at heart, the left side of my brain still demands organization, rules, and goals. At that first meeting, I was greeted warmly by 30 other business professionals, all wanting to know more about my business. Instead of talking about themselves, they wanted to talk about me. In branding and marketing, first impressions rule and that was an incredible first impression.
Then the meeting started, and I got my first look at how LeTip works. Imagine my surprise to discover a networking group that was run like a business. Real Tips, not just contact information, were passed. Warm leads that involved the tipping member discussing the benefits of using the business being tipped with a prospective client.
As a small busines owner, I have always looked out for my client’s best interests. If they ask for a product or service that is not in the Mays wheelhouse, I try to recommend them to a trusted partner who can deliver what they need. LeTip excels at this,
providing me with an extended team of trusted, strategic partners that I can recommend to my clients. I had finally found by networking home.

About Mays & Associates

A blend of innovation, creativity, and technology, Mays is a full service design, marketing, multimedia, and website development company. Whether a client building their brand from the ground up, looking to harness the latest responsive website technology, facing design and technology challenges, or trying to reach their audience through digital marketing, Mays can provide a targeted, result-drive solution.
With over 30 years of experience, our client base spans across industries and companies of all shapes and sizes – each providing a unique challenge for our creative team. Drone manufacturers, arts festivals, local governments, law firms, publishing, engineering, healthcare, cyber security, real estate, home building, landscaping, scaffolding, manufacturing, IT and even romance novelists – we’ve developed websites, branding and Internet marketing for these industries and more.
Our full suite of comprehensive marketing services includes Website Design & Development, Branding & Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local Search (Google Guaranteed), Internet Marketing, Animation & Video, Graphic Design, Mobile Ad Campaigns, Google Ads | Pay Per Click Campaigns, Social Media Campaigns and Email Marketing