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Top Growing Chapters in Q2 2020

Jul 2, 2020 | Articles, Featured Chapter

We are so proud of our LeTip Community who has supported one another through these unprecedented times. Meeting virtually has given a sense of normalcy and support to members and their businesses. We wanted to bring a special spotlight to the chapters who have been able to continue to grow their membership and find new members to support, through the past couple of months. These were our top recruiting chapters from March 1st – June 16th.

LeTip of Tigard/SW Metro, OR – 8 new members

From Membership Chair – Rob Caress

“We have created a welcoming team; every guest will get a call from no less than three members. The welcoming team works under the membership chair and mentor. Within the 3 weeks before being voted in, they get a lot of contact. Once they are voted in, we assign them with their mentor quickly. Our chapter is trying to change the culture from voting them in then getting to know them, to getting to know them before voting them in. We check out their website, ask questions about their business, their interests, get to know who they really are. We look for quality members overall.

People with more time have put processes together to make things work for our chapter. We have found that the little extra contact, the extra care about their business, means the world to our prospects.

We are upfront and clear with our dues and fees so there are no surprises. We make it clear that due to COVID, they are lessened but let them know the regular routine. Prospects see the dedication of our chapter and know we are a professional organization. I can not take credit for this, it’s been my wonderful team, but we are so excited to continue to grow your chapter and help one another.”

LeTip of Spring Lake, NJ – New Chapter, 7 members

From Paul Della Valle, East Coast VP

Spring Lake was the brainchild of former LeTip member Brendan Phillips and his wife Ping Phillips. Brendan is a true networker. He organized their first introductory meeting, invited seasoned professionals and invited LeTip to interview for their business. Spring Lake made a great choice choosing LeTip. The chapter recruited 5 new members during the pandemic and a new member is on the way. Congratulations Spring Lake, we look forward to a long profitable relationship together!

LeTip of Sunrise, NY – 7 new members

From Chapter President – Todd Schaefer

“One thing that we did was offer a free month of dues for anybody who brings down a guess that gets voted in. The other aspect is always trying to keep things positive and teaching people to think outside the box, the fact that you have no idea who’s somebody else knows so do what you can do to get them into our group so you can try to tap into their network”

LeTip of Hackensack – 7 new members

Chapter President, Craig Andriulli

We really just kept true to our normal course and purpose. We value each member and the group as a whole and we always stress how the group becomes a second family for all that join it. Since March, we circled the wagons around those that needed it most, organized for charity to give to those most in need within our communities and tried to use our weekly meetings as a way to bolster all in our group to better situate for the transition into a new normal. We didn’t really do anything out of the ordinary compared to when we were in normal times and I am happy to be a president of a chapter that can say that. In short, the group’s strength is what got us to maintain and even grow through this very tough time and we could not ask for more!

LeTip of Manalapan, NJ – 6 new members

Honorable mention to Peter Martin, Chapter President, who recruited 6 new members. This pushed Peter to earn his Gold Badge and never having to pay LeTip International Dues again!

LeTip of Coastal, NJ – 6 new members

Honorable mention to LeTip of Coastal, NJ. With great overall talent and great momentum, the chapter will be unstoppable.

LeTip of Hancock Park, CA – 6 new members

Honorable mention to Erik Flexner, previous silver badge member, determined to come back and bring together one of the strongest networking chapters in the West Coast. With 3 sponsors away from a Gold Badge, we are so excited to see this chapter grow.