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LeTip of Napa, CA

Feb 17, 2020 | Articles, Featured Chapter

LeTip of Napa, CA is located in California’s beautiful Wine Country. With its Mediterranean Climate and vast agricultural landscapes, it is considered one of the premier wine regions in the world. This also makes it a great place to run a LeTip chapter out of.

Founded in 1995, LeTip of Napa has grown to over 20 members in their current roster. Current Board leadership includes President Scott Williams, Vice President Matthew Mullowney, Treasurer Dave James, Secretary Beverly Creech, Tip Master Tom Ledda, and Membership Chair Julie Ross.

LeTip of Napa also does their own web marketing and is active on social media with their own Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Their chapter does well in face-to-face networking as well: In the past two years (2018-2019) their chapter passed over 1.2 million dollars in tips! How’s that for putting some “Dollars In Your PocketĀ®”?

Their chapter is involved in their local community and participates in fundraising events for the American Cancer Association. LeTip of Napa also hosts quarterly mixers and has weekly breakfast meetings at the Archer Hotel in downtown Napa every Thursday morning at 7:01AM. If you are in the Napa Valley area and looking for ways to grow your business, give them a visit!

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