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10 Big Changes for 2020

Jan 6, 2020 | Articles, News & Announcements

2020 is an Exciting New Year with Many New Changes!

Here are our top 10 changes, updates, and reminders for 2020 that you need to know about LeTip to get the most value out of your membership.

  1. New Membership Applications are now $430. All paper applications are going away as of June 1, 2020. New rates are reflected in the online applications (LeTipWired and pdf in Wired Library), but old printed applications will still show $390 if you have them. Please mark out $390 and replace it with $430. Have the new member initial this change. New members renewal rates are $350. Please mark this in the paper applications and have the new member initial. All of these rates are listed in USD.
  2. Current members renewal rates all change in 2020. Everyone should receive an invoice 30 days prior to their renewal month with the new rates listed. Remember that you can receive a 5% discount in 2020 if you sign up for auto renewal. All members can keep their renewal rates flat in 2021 by sponsoring a new member in 2020. If you need a refresher on sponsoring new members, speak with your Chapter’s Membership Chair or sign up for NTS training (if you have taken it before, its free to take again…if you haven’t taken its, its only $15.)
  3. All Members can receive a free annual renewal for sponsoring 6 new members. Sponsor 6 new members per year for 4 years and you are right there for your Gold Badge and free lifetime memberships.
  4. Updating the 4 cornerstones to your LeTipWired Profile (1) Picture (2) Bio (3) Company Logo and (4) Video are a great way to get more Inter-Chapter and Outside Tips. If your chapter members have their mobile app, they can show your profile to potential business leads and increase the probability of landing the outside Tip for you. If all they have to show them is your name, then the introductory process is a lot less impactful. In 2020, with our new plans for technology additions, this becomes even more important. Share this with your chapter members during your next 30 second commercial!
  5. If you missed any of the Monthly Presidents or Membership calls, you can find the recordings under LeTip Wired’s Document Library > Training > Monthly President Membership Call Recording
  6. If you haven’t downloaded the LeTip Wired Mobile App and started using the great features, then try it now
  7. Are you getting “Communicare”? This is our members only bi-monthly newsletter. Every member receives it in email on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. If you are not getting it check your email listed with us and update it. You never know when you will see yourself or your chapter listed!
  8. New members thrive once they have taken new member training. Have your new members taken the training called NTS or network training seminar within 60 days of joining? If not, why not? The dates are listed for you on the LeTip Webstore under the “Training” section.
  9. Remember to check your LeTip Wired profile to tell you how close you are to getting your next badge color. If you do not have a log in or password call Carolina at 1-800-255-3847, Ext. 100. She can set you up in minutes!
  10. All paper applications are going away as of June 1, 2020. We care about you, trees!

We are excited for what 2020 brings to LeTip!
Remember, we are here to serve you.
Feel free to reach out to us at anytime.
1-800-255-3847 / Mon – Fri / 9AM – 5PM MST