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Member Anniversaries

Oct 18, 2019 | Articles, Member Spotlight

For Q4 2019, we want to celebrate some special anniversaries of our members.
We have one member celebrating 30 years with their LeTip Chapter:

Sandra Scott, 30 years with LeTip

LeTip of San Diego North, CA | Scott Financial Services | Insurance Life Health and Disability


Here are more of our members’ anniversaries for Q4 2019:

´╗┐Name Join Date Years in LeTip Badge Color Chapter
Monty McGriff 11/30/1994 25 Blue LeTip of Mission Viejo
Carl Shulze 12/6/1994 25 Gold LeTip of Two Rivers Area
Stephen Safka 11/1/1999 20 Silver LeTip of Cherry Hill
Kathleen Platz 11/16/1999 20 Blue LeTip of Sacramento
Steve Coe 11/23/1999 20 Silver LeTip of Klamath Falls
Michael Harned 11/30/1999 20 Blue LeTip of Lehigh Valley
Todd Leonhardt CFP 12/1/1999 20 Blue LeTip of Wall
Craig Russell 12/9/1999 20 Blue LeTip of Yuba City
Patty Armstrong 11/10/2004 15 Blue LeTip of McMinnville
Mark Lee 11/10/2004 15 Blue LeTip of Las Vegas
Jacquilyn Schieber 11/12/2004 15 Blue LeTip of Redwood Empire
Donald Schexnayder 11/16/2004 15 Blue LeTip of Main Line
Charlie Cooper 11/17/2004 15 Blue LeTip of Douglas County
Richard Shaulis 11/23/2004 15 Blue LeTip of West Loop
Christopher Barba 11/24/2004 15 Green LeTip of Hauppauge
Rich Horn 12/1/2004 15 White LeTip of West Shore
Meredith Kaminek 12/28/2004 15 Green LeTip of West Shore
Glenn Byerly 11/10/2009 10 Blue LeTip of Harrisburg Metro
Greg Conaway 11/13/2009 10 Green LeTip of Great Valley
Joseph Giglio 11/13/2009 10 Blue LeTip of Port Jefferson
Bill McKee 11/25/2009 10 Blue LeTip of Sellwood
Karl Maisner 12/4/2009 10 Blue LeTip of Red Rock
Todd Archer 12/7/2009 10 Blue LeTip of Harrisburg Metro
Tom Coffey 12/9/2009 10 Blue LeTip of Downtown Philadelphia
Greg Parman 12/9/2009 10 Green LeTip of Professional Networkers
Kevin Muldowney 12/9/2009 10 Blue LeTip of Red Bank
Steve Rodgers 12/15/2009 10 Blue LeTip of Corona