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Karen Thoms, Mentor of the Year

Jul 15, 2019 | Articles, Member Spotlight, News & Announcements

Over more than twenty years LeTip of Freehold has infused my life, both personally and professionally, with knowledge, fellowship, professional expertise, referral sources for my clients, lasting friendships and more than a few dollars in my pocket! I hold the Title Insurance seat in our room, and I am not an easy tip. Yet, a month doesn’t go by without an order, an introduction, or a referral.

In an attempt to “pay back” for all those blessings I served in 2000 for two years as president and then circulated myself through all the other board positions. Ultimately, I believed – and still believe – new blood is necessary to grow and develop the group, and I stepped down. But I still wanted to hold a position that would, every day, make a difference. I have happily chaired many committees over the years but being the Mentor chair has been as satisfying, and somedays more rewarding, than any other position I have held.

With the help of an extraordinary committee I make it my goal to ensure that every member has full knowledge of the benefits…and responsibilities…of LeTip membership so they too can achieve exactly the same rewards. We take each new member by the hand, guiding them toward good attendance, smart recruiting, learning how best to tip our fellow members, and increasing communication skills to effectively educate the group to utilize and refer the new member’s products and services.

We have ongoing on and off-site meetings, lunches, dinners; always encouraging the new members to ask for help before becoming frustrated or discouraged. It is not unusual for an existing member who may be struggling a bit, or has had a necessary absence from the group, to come back to the Mentors for a refresher course… always our pleasure.

We believe the result of the right start is no wasted time, no wasted money and no seat wasted in our room…all to the benefit of every member and the group. And how good it feels when someone gets over a “bump” and starts to fly!

I am so flattered by this honor but, truly, I serve with great joy.