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LeTip of Paradise, CA – “LeTip Strong!”

Apr 1, 2019 | Articles, Featured Chapter

After escaping what is now known as the most destructive and one of the deadliest fires in California history, our LeTip of Paradise, CA Chapter is beginning to get on their feet after this heartbreaking event. Seeing familiar faces gives us a sense of relief when we need it the most and this was just the case for LeTip of Paradise.

The Paradise fire destroyed more than 6,700 homes and commercial buildings within the first day. This left residents in a sense of panic, leaving everything behind to the sudden blaze of orange flames that destroyed it all.


LeTip of Paradise did not meet for the month of November. They gave each other space to gather their lives and get on their feet. The following month, the chapter did their best to gather up the members that were available and meet at local caf├ęs and coffee houses. Meetings were informal and focused on how they could lean on one another and help each other get back on their feet. At the end of the day, LeTip becomes your family and LeTip of Paradise made it a strong point to be there for one another when they needed it. There was a core group of 8-10 members who moved to neighboring cities and were able to meet on these days. The rest of the chapter was forced to move further away or could not continue in the chapter as they had lost everything. In January, the chapter began to follow our LeTip structure during meetings hoping to regain momentum. They found a new meeting location.

Where are they now?

It is difficult to pick up after losing everything, not only your home but for a lot of cases, your business as well. There were several chapter members that were no longer able to attend the weekly meetings but are now working with a core group of 10 members. Timothy Elloway, Dentist, found an old dentist office that he was able to purchase new equipment for and use as his new office. Victoria Allyn, Bookkeeper, relocated to a neighboring city but has been strongly committed to her chapter. Keith McBride, Insurance P&C, was a great asset to all chapter members and his customers during this time. He had endless voicemails waiting for him when he moved into his new business location in Chico, CA.

Allison Denofrio, a LeTip of Paradise member, is from Vallejo, CA but lived in Redding, CA for 10 years. She worked for the Shasta County Clerk & Elections office and quickly advanced from front counter clerk to Assistant County Clerk/Registrar of Voters. She retired in 2017 and moved to Paradise CA.

From Allison- “Last summer I was introduced to the Pure Safe & Beneficial products of Arbonne. I quickly felt a healthy physical difference and knew I wanted to share my story so others could improve and enhance their lives.

Being in a new community, my mentor recommended I join an organized business networking group. I sought out LeTip and another networking organizations of Paradise. I chose LeTip and continued the process to become a member. I was accepted on November 6, 2018, and then the Camp Fire happened 2 days later, November 8. The day after the fire started, a text with 17 contacts, came from our concerned and heartfelt President, Alex Laufer, asking if we were all safe and sending his prayers. From there, we were all able to keep in touch with inspirational thoughts and words of support.

We voted to allow 6 months for those who have not been able to land a temporary business office, to decide if they will continue to be a LeTip member. We are all so fortunate to have escaped the wrath of the Camp Fire with all our loved ones and pets, from pups to horses, and still, be able to have the determination and heart to support each other as we start to rebuild our personal and business lives. We are LeTip Strong!