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LeTip Member & Chapter Awards

Mar 4, 2019 | Articles, Featured Chapter, Member Spotlight, News & Announcements

Congratulations to the following recipients of the 2018 LeTip Member & Chapter Awards!
Below is a list of the winners and a statement about them.


STEVEN BOYD – LeTip of Superstition Springs, AZ

Steven Boyd had the strongest nomination from his chapter for President of the Year. In addition to having excellent attendance, Steven brought 5 guests this year, follows the LeTip Flip Chart and has a full Bio and picture in LeTip Wired. He is also a devoted husband, father of twins and caregiver to his parents & in-laws. Steven gives back to the community in many ways. His family is very active in their church: packing food boxes for food shelters, wrapping gifts for needy families and has worked on projects to beautify schools. Steven has been instrumental in organizing our chapter’s donations to the House of Refuge, which provides transitional housing to homeless families. He has also supported a former chapter member’s upcoming symphony performance by allowing her to play before our meeting. From a business perspective, Steven is always finding ways to help our fellow LeTip chapter businesses grow. He is extremely dedicated to our chapter, his clients and family. He is a man of excellent character.

Runner-Up: GARY WONG, LeTip of Fremont, CA


STEVE GRAY – LeTip of Tigard/SW Metro, OR

1,003 Tips Confirmed!

That is an average of over 19 tips per week! WOW!


CAROL SABINS – LeTip of Roseburg, OR

379 Outside Tips Confirmed!

That is an average of over 7 Outside tips per week! WOW!


GARY WONG – LeTip of Fremont, CA

Gary Wong brought 27 guests to his chapter this year, which averages over 2 per month. More impressively, Gary added 5 of those guests as members of his chapter and 1 to another chapter in his area. Gary is a long time Gold member, and moving quickly toward being a Platinum Badge holder with 43 current sponsorships.


MANNY SOLANA – LeTip of Northridge, CA

Manny Solano is always willing to Mentor a New Member (and even a longer standing Member too if needed/wanted). The best story I can share is the great relationship that was formed between Manny and one of our members where Manny went above and beyond the Mentor role helping the member navigate the ins and outs of LeTip as well as helping with life in general and the member’s business issues. This level of interactions aren’t normal, but they seem to be normal for Manny. I conservatively estimate that Manny Mentored about 5 people this past year.

JOE SCHWAB – LeTip of Camelback Corridor, AZ

Joe Schwab has always been extremely involved in all aspects of LeTip. He has held each and every position within our group over the years. More importantly, Joe is able to advise and mentor everyone for all things. (Except how he likes his eggs and bacon done. He might be a bit picky in that respect. 😊) He is almost always one of the first to arrive and last to leave. Our chapter would be a lesser group without his mentorship. I think the better question in regards to Joe is, “How many people HASN’T he helped?” That may be easier to answer. Joe has been there for all of us over the past decade. That number would equate to 60+ I’m sure. There isn’t a single person that I can think of that he hasn’t guided in one way or another. If you happen to hear of one, I’d love to know who it was. 😊

KAREN THOMS – LeTip of Freehold, NJ

Karen Thoms is the long-time leader of the Mentor Committee. She has served the group for many years and deserves to receive this award. She takes this job very seriously and consistently offers help, guidance and assistance to all new members and to her mentor group. She instituted a once-a-month meeting for all those in need of some help with any aspect of their LeTip membership and always maintains a positive and friendly attitude. Karen has helped countless members in the Freehold chapter, both old and new members AND her mentor committee. Karen Thoms is most deserving of this award. She has been a long-standing mentor and takes this role & responsibility very seriously. She always volunteers to train and help anyone in the group who needs help/advice on tipping. She has developed a group of mentors and has trained them so everyone has someone they can lean on in the group. She is pleasant, hard-working and a great asset to the group.


Sam Slaughter has helped so many of our members this year (20+) that we decided to give him a regular spot during our weekly meetings called “the mentor moment” where he gives “tips, tricks & tactics” to maximize the value of your LeTip membership. Sam brought in at least 11 guests to meetings in 2018. The Chapter also included a power point slide show that Sam created on outside tips. Sam took the time to create this presentation emphasizing the importance of outside tips and being proactive rather than reactive seeking outside tips. (in email) Sam always has the best commercials which are both informative and entertaining. First person to schedule one on ones with guests and new members.


FELIPE AVINA – LeTip of Arapahoe County, CO

Felipe Avina is ALWAYS one of the most cheerful members of the Group. He never misses a meeting. Felipe has taken NTS training. His badge color has changed twice within his first year, becoming a BLUE badge in his first 12 months. (Felipe’s 1 year anniversary was February 28th!) Felipe goes above and beyond, some weeks bringing as many as 4 or 5 guests. FELIPE BRINGS MORE GUESTS THAN ANY OTHER MEMBER. He consistently passes more than the required number of tips!

Runner-Ups: ANTONIO CANO – LeTip of Fremont, CA,
& JON GRIFFIN – LeTip of Longview, WA


LeTip of Stockton, CA

LeTip of Stockton provides us with a great example of how Chapter activity can become a great video.

LeTip of South Bay, CA

LeTip of South Bay provides us with a very professionally edited video.


LeTip of Freehold, NJ

LeTip of Freehold made us laugh! Great job!

Click here or on the image above to watch the video on


Attaining perfect attendance for the year is not easy as all of us know.
These 12 members were reported by their chapters as having attained perfect Attendance for 12 months.

Randy Aiken – LeTip of Blue Bell, PA

Joe Schwab – LeTip of Camelback Corridor, AZ

Pam Lowry – LeTip of Chicago Downtown, IL

Jim Duff – LeTip of Douglas County, CO

Mitchell Beja – LeTip of Freehold, NJ

Dean Schreyer – LeTip of Greater San Diego, CA

Dominic Castro – LeTip of La Jolla, CA

Mark Arthur – LeTip of Northridge, CA

Colonel Dhinsa – LeTip of Orange County, CA

Carmela Abella – LeTip of Port Jefferson, NY

Bob Batz – LeTip of South Carroll, MD

Congratulations to all of our winners! Many people took the time to enter and nominate people for these awards, and we truly appreciate all of your effort. We will be releasing more articles featuring the winners one-by-one very soon.