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LeTip’s Week of Giving

Nov 12, 2018 | Archive, Articles, News & Announcements

In honor of the U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday, LeTip has decided to host a “Week of Giving” starting November 19th thru November 24th. LeTip’s Week of Giving is focused on the two main words in Thanksgiving, “thanks” and “giving“. First, we would like to give thanks to all of our chapters and members who are the foundation and family of the LeTip organization. So thank you all! Secondly, we want to give back to our communities and others who are less fortunate to show that it is not just all about us. By giving back we are showing how thankful we are to our communities. We strongly encourage our members and chapters to participate in giving back to their communities. We know many of you already do. A few of our chapters do fundraising for charity organizations. Many of our members are also involved in charity. The LeTip corporate office does a yearly canned food drive. This year we are also looking at visiting a local food kitchen to volunteer some of our time. Stay tuned for more social media posts, blogs, and articles related to our Week of Giving during the week of Thanksgiving.

We would also like to include our members in this too. We want to share these events and post about it online, because you deserve to be recognized! If you are a LeTip member or chapter who does regular charity events, or has decided to get into charity, and would like to be featured on our website and social media please call us right away at 1-800-255-3847 x 108 so we can get your information and show the world the good work you are doing. LeTip is an organization of business┬áprofessionals dedicated to the highest standards of integrity, but without our fellow people and communities we wouldn’t be able to exist. So, we hope you will join us in our Week of Giving. It’s time to be thankful and to give back however we can. Stay tuned to see more articles and postings about the great work our LeTip family is doing. Here’s looking forward to LeTip’s first official “Week of Giving”!