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40th Anniversary Awards

Feb 26, 2018 | Archive, Articles, News & Announcements

Thank you to all who attended and/or supported our 40th anniversary celebration!

A video of the event can be found by clicking here.

Here is the list of all of our chapters & members who won awards and our contests, congratulations to all of you!

President of the Year 2017
Chris Cianciulli – LeTip of Sunrise, LI
Runner Up: Steven Boyd – LeTip of Superstition/Gateway, AZ

National Tipper of the Year 2017
Anthony DiMento LeTip of Cherry Hill, CA
Runner Up: Vic Guzman – LeTip of Kelso, WA
Runner Up: Randy Flager – Lower Bucks, PA

National Outside Tipper for 2017
Derek Jung – LeTip of San Leandro, CA
Runner Up: Chris McNamara – LeTip of Hauppauge, NY

Best Guest Bringer for 2017
Noah Hodgin – LeTip of Beach Cities, CA
Runner Up: Mike Foti – LeTip of Doylestown, PA

Mentor of the Year 2017
Deenie Pomilia – LeTip of Schaumberg, IL

Member of the Year 2017
Phillip Fitzpatrick – LeTip of Toronto East/Markham, Canada
Honorable Mention – Brian Jolles LeTip of Howard County, MD
Honorable Mention – Evan Pomerantz LeTip of Sunrise LI
Honorable Mention – Pam Lowry LeTip of Chicago Downtown, IL
Honorable Mention – Scott McCray LeTip of Arapahoe County, CO
Honorable Mention – Sue Kingsfield LeTip of Schaumberg, IL

Longest Standing Member
Barbara Bertran of LeTip of San Diego North, CA – Florist Joined 7/1/1981 &
Clark Anderson of LeTip of La Jolla, CA – Ins LHD Joined 7/8/1981

Longest Standing Chapter
LeTip of La Jolla founded on 6/5/1981

Perfect Attendance
Brian Dilsheimer – LeTip of Main Line, PA
Carmella Abella – LeTip of Port Jefferson, PA
Chris Cianciulli – LeTip of Sunrise, NY
Craig Andruilli – LeTip of Hackensack, NJ
Dennis Bernstein – LeTip of Morganville, NJ
Diane Young – LeTip of Yardley, PA
Dwight Tompkins – LeTip of Orange, CA
Mitch Beja – LeTip of Freehold, NJ
Peter Zales – LeTip of Cherry Hill, NJ
Rose Firpo – LeTip of Stockton, CA
Sam McCullough – LeTip of Culver City, CA
Seth Rappaport – LeTip of Freehold, NJ
Steve Testa – Central Nassau, LI
Vic Guzman – LeTip of Kelso, WA
Leslie Gifford – LeTip of River City, OR

2017 Winter Contest, Chapter Winners of $500
LeTip of Sunrise, NY
LeTip of Howell, NJ
LeTip of Inter Coastal, FL
LeTip of Old Bridge, NJ
LeTip of Cherry Hill, NJ
LeTip of Lehigh Valley, PA
LeTip of Rutherford, NJ
LeTip of Medford, NJ
LeTip of Sacramento, CA
LeTip of Black Mountain, NV
LeTip of Henderson, NV
LeTip of Spring Valley, NV
LeTip of Roseburg, OR
LeTip of North Park, CA
LeTip of Scottsdale, AZ
LeTip of Schaumburg, IL
LeTip of Beach Cities, CA
LeTip of Calabasas, CA
LeTip of Orange County, CA
LeTip of Freehold, NJ
LeTip of Business Success Network, IL

2017 Winter Contest, Member Winner of the 7 Night Stay:
Steven Lichtenstein of River Dell, NJ

Mentions: Royal Badge Holders
Steve Mass – LeTip of Westside Referrals Network, CA
Andy Kimari – LeTip of Greater San Diego, CA
Ken Rubinetti Sr – LeTip of Hauppauge, NY
Roy Assad – LeTip of Downtown West Palm Beach, FL