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Thomas Cigliano

May 11, 2017 | Archive, Articles, Member Spotlight

Welcome, Thomas Cigliano to the LeTip 1000 Tip Club!

The LeTip 1000 Tip Club is a great achievement and testimony to a members dedication and commitment to LeTip and their chapter. Congratulations, Thomas! We appreciate you!


Thomas is a dedicated, driven, results-oriented professional with more than 30 years of problem-solving customer support. An exemplary relationship building manager that fosters trust and dependability. He is currently the General Manager of Direct Energy Solar located in Ronkonkoma NY.  He has been with Direct Energy Solar since July 2014.  He runs the office as if it was his own company. He is dedicated to his employees and his customers being served with respect and integrity.

He has been with the LeTip of Bohemia, NY Chapter since August 2014 and has held several positions in his chapter including Sgt-At-Arms, Social Media Chair and is now a Mentor. He currently has a Green Badge but is always searching for more members to join the Bohemia Chapter.  Thomas is a dedicated LeTip member and considers his chapter members not only colleges but family.  He not only uses members in his chapter, but uses the vast LeTip network to source professionals in other chapters when in need of professional services to help in either his personal or professional life. He is an advocate of using the systems that LeTip has put in place for its members including using LeTip Wired to help manage his tips.


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