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How long have you been a member?

Feb 24, 2017 | Archive, Articles

Would you like to know what it takes to be a long time LeTip member?  How to survive and thrive through face to face networking?

Currently, the longest standing LeTip member is Barbara Bertran.  Barbara joined LeTip on July 1, 1981.  She is the florist and a member of LeTip of San Diego North, CA.    They meet every Friday morning at the Broken Yolk off Carmel Mountain Road.  You can find more about her and her LeTip chapter on or LeTip wired if you are a member.

Barbara knows what it takes to be a long standing LeTip member and a successful business woman.  Barbara used to own the Four Seasons Flower Shop before she sold it to her daughter and son-in-law back in 2001.  You can see and learn more about this family owned business and the three generations depicted in the picture above, Left to right: (Granddaughter) Danielle White, (Center) Founder of Four Seasons Flowers, Ms. Barbara Bertran and Owner (Daughter) Carma Bertran White.  To find out more about the Four Seasons Flower Shop visit

Since LeTip was founded in San Diego by Ken Peterson back in 1978 it doesn’t surprise anyone that currently our longest standing LeTip members currently reside there.  A matter of fact only 7 days after Barbara joined the second-longest standing member, Clark Anderson, Insurance L/H/D, joined on July 8, 1981.  Clark is in the LeTip of La Jolla Chapter, CA.  Also in LeTip of La Jolla with Clark is the 3rd and 4th longest standing members Michael Kilbride, Chiropractor, who joined on November 18, 1981 and John Rush, retired printer and Club Ambassador, July 1, 1982 joining exactly one year after Barbara joined!    Later this week, March 2nd LeTip of La Jolla will be celebrating its 35th year as a chapter and one of the longest standing LeTip chapters.  Please contact their chapter President or one of these lifelong LeTip of La Jolla members to find out about their celebration!

Rounding out our TOP 5 longest standing LeTip members is Mike Kraling who is a member of LeTip of El Cajon, CA and he joined back on Feb 15th, 1983.  There is currently 13 other long-standing LeTip members from the 80’s.   If you want to know what it takes to be successful in LeTip we recommend you reach out to one of the top five longstanding members.

LeTip International would like to recognize and appreciate the top 5 longest standing current members for their loyalty, dedication and service to their chapters, LeTip of San Diego and LeTip as a whole.