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Ed Winkler – 20 Year Member!

Jan 27, 2017 | Archive, Articles, Member Spotlight

Ed Winkler began his involvement with LeTip in the Spring of 1997 as a two-year-old business with a small customer base in Portland, Oregon of 130 customers.  Twenty years later he oversees franchise operations in 21 territories spread out across seven states with over 3100 customers as the Franchisor and CEO of Fresh Aire Franchise, a business focused on scent branding, office fragrancing, and deodorizing services.

As the founding member of the Sellwood Chapter in 1999, he earned his Gold Badge in 2012 after serving as Tip Master multiple times, Vice President, President, Past President and Membership Chair.  In addition to active business ownership he is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserve and commanded a light infantry company in Iraq in 2003 during the early days of the war.  He is still serving after 33 years of being a Soldier.

Ed reports that, “My relationships and networking across LeTip chapters have resulted in two of the 21 franchise sales.  In Oregon, my involvement, inter-chapter visibility and networking is responsible for $40,000 of sustained annual revenue over the past 15 years and represents approximately 3% of my annual sales.  LeTip has been a tremendous resource for the early growth of my business.”

As Mr. Winkler closes out his 20 year journey with his chapter, we’d like to thank him for his influence, contributions and loyalty to the members and LeTip.  We wish him the best as he works to expand his franchise organization and take his business and leadership skills to the next level!