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Tip of the Week – February 6th, 2017

Feb 15, 2016 | Archive, Articles

Who do you know?

I would be willing to bet you don’t know 50% of your chapter. Really know them. Do you know and understand if they “get you”? Are they actually selling you to others or are you waiting for confirmation in a tip?
Why aren’t the tips coming in to you? They don’t know you!

The structure of LeTip is designed to educate your sales force about YOU! Meet with each person at least once a year, if not three or four times per year, through the program of “visitation”. You will learn how to refer people to a place and a person. You will build a stronger relationship meeting outside of your meetings each week.

You are creating the education needed to teach your sales force what you do, how to sell you to others and how to give you better, more qualified tips!

Work at it, we tell you LeTip puts “Dollars in Your Pocket!” Ask for it!