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Q3 Chapter Stats – Part 2

POSTED September 21, 2020 | Articles | Chapter Stats

Q3 Chapter Stats – Part 2

We have a few brand new chapters that have opened over the past several months!

Chapter Members
LeTip of Littleton, CO 6
LeTip of Hancock Park, CA 9
LeTip of Encino, CA 3
LeTip of Spring Lake, NJ 1
LeTip of Middle Country, NY 12
LeTip of Nutley, NJ 10
LeTip of Melville, NY 8
LeTip of Lewis County, WA 1

Welcome new chapters!

We look forward to you all being a part of our LeTip Family!
These are new chapters and are looking to grow. Have anyone in these areas you could have join them?
Now would be a great time to sponsor during our Fall Three For Free contest!

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