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Reflecting on the Inaugural LeTip National Convention 2024

May 6, 2024 | Articles, News & Announcements

The inaugural LeTip National Convention is in the books! From April 18th to April 20th, 2024, LeTip members from across the nation came together for an unforgettable experience filled with networking, learning, and celebration.

The excitement began on the first night with a well-attended networking soiree, where connections were forged and virtual acquaintances became real-life friends. It was a heartwarming moment as members who had previously only interacted online finally had the chance to meet face-to-face.

Friday was a jam-packed day of activities, featuring show boaters, keynote speakers, board training, breakout room sessions, and the highly anticipated LeTip Annual Awards. Attendees were treated to inspiring presentations, valuable workshops, and opportunities to connect with industry experts and fellow members.

As the convention entered its final day, Saturday, attendees enjoyed a day of networking poolside, at our cabana party. Against the backdrop of sunshine and laughter, new friendships were formed and existing bonds were strengthened, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Convention team, whose dedication and hard work made this event possible. Special thanks also go to our show boaters, swag suppliers, facilitators, and speakers who generously shared their time, talent, and expertise to make the convention a resounding success.

We would like to thank the following members for all their contributions:


Lori Anne De Iulio Casdia – Coordinator

Main Facilitators:

Debra Lockwood – Facilitators

Nancy Gusman – Facilitators

Lori Marra – Facilitators

Linda Rogers – Facilitators

Lori Borgwald – Facilitators

Board Training Facilitators:

Steve Meleleu – Facilitator – Board President

Todd Schaeffer – Facilitator – Board President

David Smith – Facilitator – Board Vice President

Anastasia Nikolaou – Facilitator – Board Vice President

Linda Rogers – Facilitator – Board Membership

Summer Middleton – Facilitator – Board Membership

Queluntam (Q) Banjai – Facilitator – Board Treasurer

Paul Della Valle – Facilitator – Board Treasurer

Greg Amsler – Facilitator – Board Tip Master

Maria Diaz – Facilitator – Board Tip Master

Debra Lockwood – Facilitator – Board Secretary

Deepti Srivastava (Dee) – Facilitator – Board Secretary

Pablo Dibello – Facilitator – Board Past President

Steve Mass – Facilitator – Board Past President


Michael Padilla – Showboat

Pablo Dibello – Showboat

BJ Miller – Showboat

Katherine Macey – Showboat

Grace Del Rey – Showboat

Michael Wiggs – Showboat

Dave Padgett – Showboat

Earl Trusty – Showboat

Alisa Tevlin – Showboat

John Ortiz – Showboat

Phil Herrington – Showboat

Gerard St Germain – Showboat


Jeffrey Viccora – Speaker – Breakout

Dimitrios Loukakis – Speaker – Breakout

Katherine Macey – Speaker – Breakout

Queluntam (Q) Banjai – Speaker – AM main stage

Hassan Bashraheel – Speaker – PM main stage

Scott McCray – Speaker – Breakout

Grace Del Rey – Speaker – Breakout

Berenice Gomez – Speaker – Breakout

Larry Hamilton – 15 min main/Alternate


Anthony (TJ) Gutierrez – Videographer

Lolita Vasquez – Photographer

Peter Normandia – Post Production

Edwin Chavez – Photographer

Paul Benedict – Yoga Instructor

Eric Clapper – Disk Jockey (DJ)

Brian Jones – DJ Brian

Ben Robertson – Videographer

Swag Contributors:

Phyllis Palmer – Swag – letter Opener

Gary Block – Swag – Shammy car coaster

Mary Johnson – Swag – Aeroloft stash key wallet

Faith & Rick – Rutherford Swag – Notepad

Laura Walsh – Swag – wooden coffee cup coaster

Marla Zack – Swag – compact mirror

Larry Hamilton – Swag – portfolio pad

Lori Borgwald – Swag – tape measurer

Grace Del Rey – Swag – Sunglasses

Katherine Macey – Swag – Microfiber cloth

BJ Miller – Swag – doTerra essential oils sample

Joy Huntsman – Swag – Key chain tag

Peter Zales – Swag – Magnet

Your contributions played a vital role in creating an unforgettable experience for all attendees. Thank you for your unwavering support and commitment to the LeTip community.

As we look back on the inaugural LeTip National Convention, we are filled with gratitude for the connections made, knowledge shared, and memories created. Here’s to many more successful conventions in the future, as we continue to grow and thrive together as a community.

If you missed out this year, we look forward to seeing you next year!

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