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What’s New With Wired?

Apr 1, 2024 | Articles, Networking Tips

Over the last year, our members have been amazing with their suggestions on how to make LeTip Wired even better. We’ve listened and brought in a new team of tech wizards who’ve been busy bringing those ideas to life. But we’re not done yet! Keep those suggestions coming because we’ve got plenty more exciting stuff in the pipeline. Speaking of which, we’re thrilled to announce a new Social Media tip type that we have recently rolled out!

Social Media Tip

While the Social Media Tip may not be as warm as an inside or outside lead, it’s still a golden opportunity for business growth. Think about it – every day, folks on social media platforms share their needs, seeking recommendations from the online community. That’s where we come in. A Social Media Tip occurs when one of our chapter members spots such a post on a social media platform, realizing it’s a service that another chapter member can provide. It’s all about connecting needs with solutions within our LeTip family!

Let’s take a closer look at how this process would go. A member sees a post for a service that someone in the chapter may offer. They should reply to the post with a ringing endorsement for their fellow chapter member, tag the member, and offer to connect them. Perhaps let them know you will be sending them a direct message with more details. Pro tip: Suggest to the poster to have the referred member reach out to them directly, which may be a better bet to turn this into a warmer lead.

Next, open Wired and enter a new tip for the member they just referred. You will choose Social Media for tip type. On the bottom of the tip form, you will see a box where you can copy and paste the URL address for the post you are commenting on. Remember, accessing social media pages usually requires an account for access. Sometimes, if those posts are in a private group, they might not be easily accessed either. That initial outreach is crucial for giving out fellow chapter member the best shot at securing that business! Without it, just sending them a Social Media tip and link in Wired, without connecting with the original poster, could likely mean a missed opportunity to turn it into a warm lead.

If a received Social Media tip does not pan out, simply hop on to Wired and edit the status on the received social media tip as “Invalid.” The invalid tip will not count as a passed tip in the chapter tip reports and nobody will be upset by the status update. Social Media tips are just one more way we’re all looking out for each other, searching for potential business opportunities. It’s all about keeping those connections alive and exploring every avenue for success!

MORE Recent Updates! (We have been busy!)

• Under My Profile, we added a new tab named “Success Story.” This gives our members the ability to share their LeTip success story. Our newly designed website (unveiled at convention) success stories, on their LeTip Wired profile. will sync to chapter’s page. Stay tuned for a future update that will include the ability for members to view and give testimonies for each other!

We’ve introduced a new tab under My Profile called “Success Story” where members can now proudly share their LeTip success stories. But that’s not all! Once our revamped website is up and running (coming soon!), these success stories shared on LeTip Wired profiles will seamlessly sync to the chapter’s dedicated page on Stay tuned for a future update, where we will also enable members to view and give testimonies for each other! We love finding more ways to celebrate our achievements and support one another!

My Account
• Tips – Under Send a Tip, added a new tip type “Social Media”
• Tips – For sent tips, we edited privacy button disclaimer.

    Please note all tip details are visible to board members, even if marked private. If you are (or are tipping) an attorney, doctor, financial advisor, etc. please refrain from adding the tip details.

My Chapter
• Guests – We added ability to edit guest profile sponsor
• My Chapter – For the board, added a “Chapter Photos” tab, with the ability to add a main image and additional ones, which can be switched out as desired and synced with the chapter’s page on the revamped (unveiled at convention). Future updates will include the ability to create an image/video library for the chapter to upload to.

Board Member Tools
• Applications – A check box was added to view archived chapter applications
• Reports – Tip reports have been updated to include a Social Media tip type column

LeTip Wired Mobile recent updates:

Check your app! The most recent version of LeTip Wired mobile is 4.0.3(93)R. If your version is older, the new download is available in the Apple and Google Play store. Search LeTip Wired and if you enjoy our mobile application, please leave us a 5-star rating and review.

My Account
• Tips – Added ability to edit received tip status, separated bogus/invalid to separate options
• Tips – Under Send a Tip, added a new “Social Media” tip type
• Tips – Sent tips, added ability to create a duplicate tip to send again for repeat business items
• Tips – Sent tips, updated the privacy button disclaimer
• Change Password – Added the ability to update your password using LeTip Wired mobile

My Chapter
• Chapter Roster – Added a search by category option
• Guests – For the Choose Guest Sponsor, added ability to search entire network
• Guests – Added ability to edit a guest profile

LeTip Network Search
• Chapters – Under the advance search filter, we added search by meeting day (Mon-Fri)

Board Member Tools
• Take Attendance – We added “Left Early” as a member attendance option

At LeTip, we’re dedicated to finding new ways for our members to receive leads. Updating and adding to your LeTip Wired profile not only enhances its appearance but also boosts your visibility on our soon to be revamped public site, We’re working on a feature that will allow the public to send you tips directly from our website – a fresh take on outside tips. So, having a great photo and bio on your profile, will definitely make you stand out from the crowd!

Scott Jones
LeTip Wired Instructor
LeTip Operations Manager