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LeTip of Santa Cruz, CA

Feb 5, 2024 | Articles, Featured Chapter

Santa Cruz, located on the central coast of California, is a vibrant and picturesque city renowned for its stunning natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere. Nestled between lush redwood forests and the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean, Santa Cruz offers a unique blend of outdoor adventure, cultural richness, and a thriving surf culture. With its iconic beach boardwalk, diverse community, and a backdrop of towering cliffs, Santa Cruz captivates visitors with its charm and serves as a haven for those seeking a perfect blend of coastal living and bohemian flair. And here is where the LeTip of Santa Cruz chapter meets every Thursday morning, since circa 1990. Chiropractor Duncan McCollum, chapter Membership Chair, Gold Badge member, and owner of McCollum Wellness Center shares about the chapter:

“I was fortunate to be invited to and attended the fourth LeTip meeting in our county. I, immediately, saw the benefit in so many ways, that I applied for membership on the spot. Luckily, I was accepted. That first meeting was over 30 years ago and I never looked back. Our group quickly expanded to 64 members. We then split into 4 different groups in the Santa Cruz County area. I believe I am the only remanding member of that original group.

Throughout the years our group has grown and then retracted with the times.

We are at 24 members now and are a very close and profitable group. We have many members who have been in the group over fifteen to twenty years. We even have two members who have left and then returned three times. Because of the strong group vision, I see us growing to above 40 members in the next year.

LeTip of Santa Cruz considers itself a dedicated and motivated group that really enjoys the weekly meeting and cherishes the comradery, as well as the expert help and advice that is only a phone call away. Sometimes we consider ourselves renegades, but abide by the LeTip Creed 100%.

As far as success stories, I can, personally, say that my experience through the years has helped create one of the largest and most successful chiropractic business in town. We have the busiest, most successful realtor in Santa Cruz County as well as the largest plumbing HVAC business in town. We had a locksmith that was a member for 15 years until he retired. LeTip gave him a tremendous amount of business. Anyone who joins our group will have tremendous success, as long as they participate and have a good product and excellent integrity.”

Thank you for sharing, Dr. McCollum, and for being a wonderful part of our LeTip family!