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Member Spotlight: Dr. Rebeca Gracia

Jan 2, 2024 | Articles, Member Spotlight

Meet Dr. Rebecca Gracia – the one and only member of LeTip with the category of Thermographer. She has been a member of LeTip since 2016 and holds the position of Secretary for the LeTip of Dallas chapter. She shared, “I joined LeTip in 2016 and soon signed up to serve as Secretary. I have continued in this role because I enjoy being a resource to members and helping our group grow.”

We asked Rebeca what thermography was. “What is thermography? Well, if you’ve never heard of a thermogram or you’ve never gotten the full body scan, then it’s time to open that door to the opportunity for better health. I have provided Computer Regulated Thermography scans with the Alfa 9000 device for 10 years. This is an FDA cleared scan of the whole body that shows underlying imbalances and helps identify root causes. I use a wand to measure surface temperature points across the body. It is pain- free, radiation free and only takes about 30 minutes.” Dr. Gracia currently provides Thermal BioScans as a foundation to her toxicology consultation services. The Thermal BioScan is a highly sensitive tool used to evaluate the function of ALL internal organs. Dr. Gracia uses this full body scan to help clients develop an action plan and guide the selection of appropriate lifestyle changes and products that can help bring the body back into balance.

The doctor was raised on a small family farm and was brought up close to nature. She learned from an early age to appreciate the beauty and light in life. Her grandmother passed down a passion for healing and knowledge of herbs with curative properties. These small seeds grew into a desire to enter the medical field. Dr. Gracia completed her Doctor of Pharmacy program in 2002 and achieved Board Certification in Toxicology in 2004. Dr. Gracia also completed a National Institute of Health – Patient Oriented Research Program, Masters of Public Health and Masters of Clinical Research courses. She has multiple certifications on the conventional side of the medical field and now specializes in natural medicine. This allows her to help clients develop action plans using both prescriptions and natural therapies as needed. She said, “I am Hispanic and grew up learning about herbs and home remedies with my Grandma Noni. She was well respected as a community healer and allowed me to work alongside her as she concocted various teas, extracts, and healing balms. She instilled prayers and affirmations into everything she made, and I continue that practice as well.”

Regarding her chapter, Rebeca said, “LeTip of Dallas is like a second family to me now! I have amazing power partners and have made deep lasting friendships with current and past members. My business has flourished, and I have become more confident as a Hispanic woman business professional. I look forward to continued success with LeTip!”

In closing, Rebeca has said, “I believe that God created our bodies with an innate ability to heal. We just need to provide a clean environment (non-toxic physically and emotionally) and foundational building blocks (clean food and water) in order to allow the natural healing process to keep our bodies in balance. “

If you are ready to feel great and look your best, send Rebeca your health questions: The Dr is In!