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Member Spotlight: Adam Muslusky

Oct 2, 2023 | Articles, Member Spotlight

Meet Adam Muslusky. He is a Gold Badge member, who joined LeTip in 2012. He holds the seat of Attorney Personal Injury and is the Past President of the LeTip of Desert Springs, Nevada chapter. We spoke to this avid hockey fan about his law practice and his experience in LeTip. Here is Adam’s story:

I passed the Nevada bar in 2000 and have worked in the personal injury and workers’ compensation field since then. In August 2014, I decided I was tired of working for jerks and decided to start my own practice. My office deals with personal injury and workers’ compensation cases almost exclusively. We get a ton of referrals from other personal injury law firms, due to the nuances in Nevada Workers’ Compensation laws and statutes, which can make it a minefield for those who don’t practice it regularly. In 2019, I was recognized by the Nevada State Bar as a Workers’ Compensation Specialist. My staff and I handle all types of cases for injured people, helping them understand their rights, and getting them the medical care needed to heal as quickly as possible. We also run interference and go to court weekly to battle insurance companies and put a stop to the games they play. At the end of the cases, we do our best to negotiate as fair of a settlement as possible, depending on the facts of the case. Since 2014, our client base has grown continuously through word of mouth, and networking with LeTip.

LeTip helped my business tremendously, as it gave me the polishing I needed to network on another level. Confidence is needed to walk into a room of unknown people, and start up a conversation. Not only has LeTip helped my personal networking skills, but it has introduced me to others, and allowed me to help other chapter members and guests improve their networking skills too! Often times, this results in more business for everybody. LeTip has, also, provided me the opportunity to lead the chapter in teaching techniques and skills to “break down walls” others struggle with when trying to network.

What I like most about LeTip? I enjoy networking, and the atmosphere our chapter brings, every Thursday morning. I enjoy catching up with others, and building relationships with others that I hope to keep for a lifetime. I love meeting other members in completely different businesses, and look for things in their businesses that I can try and implement in my own. I love talking all aspects of businesses with others and getting to know them on a more personal level.

Being a leader in the chapter allows me to lead. What I find interesting is that the structure of LeTip reminds me of a team. Everybody has a job to do, which our chapter prides itself on maintaining accountability. This ensures that every individual has skin in the game, which helps them think of the chapter as their own. My membership has been enhanced by all of the relationships I’ve developed over the years, and financially as well.

Advice for other LeTip leaders? Demand accountability and expect everyone to work. I often tell my fellow BOD members that if everybody pitches in and follows the rules, we will better off in the long run: relationships, financially and even personally. Also, “LeTipping” NEVER stops. It continues once the weekly meeting ends. The manifestation of this brings additional guests, additional relationships, and ultimately additional business!

Thank you, Adam! You are a rock star and we look forward to seeing you, along with the rest of your chapter at next year’s LeTip convention, taking place in Las Vegas in April of 2024! See you then!

-Adam Muslusky, Muslusky Law
Past President of LeTip of Desert Springs, NV