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LeTip of Coastal, NJ

Sep 5, 2023 | Articles, Featured Chapter

“Central Jersey” – for years many New Jersey residents would laugh and tell you Central Jersey didn’t exist! Even with those that admitted it does exist, it has been long debated as to where Central Jersey begins and ends. A couple of weeks ago, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy moved to put that debate to rest. The governor officially defined Central Jersey as being comprised of Hunterdon, Somerset, Mercer, and Middlesex Counties. And here in Holmdel, NJ – in what is now OFFICIALLY Central Jersey – is where LeTip of Coastal, New Jersey meets, weekly!

Led by President Ali Taylor, owner of BelMarketing Design Studio, the LeTip of Coastal chapter stands at 21 members and growing. Ali said that, “one of the things we’ve always been known for as a group is how productive we are, especially when comparing our size to larger groups. We’re very intentional about tracking the number of tips given and closed; particularly the value of those tips. We want to ensure every member is receiving more than the value they put into the group. We publish our numbers on the website to also make it easier for guests to see what the value of a seat in our group is potentially worth. When asked about the goals the chapter has for the year, Ali told us that their goal for 2023 for closed business and revenue is $850K. They are confident that the goal will be met!

When it comes to the power partnerships in the chapter, they feel that their real and finance teams are superb! They said that “the way that Jeanne Moir (Financial Advisor) and Steve Cucinelli (Life, Health, and Disability) from Planning Alliance work together with Ross Maghan (Property & Casualty Insurance) along with Dave Baum (Mortgage), John A. DeSantis Jr. (Title), Anne Carrasco-Quintana (Wills, Estates, Trusts, and Real Estate), and Dave Muldowney (CPA) are absolutely phenomenal.” The great thing is that those tips typically spin off into another round of tips for other members in the group – so they share the wealth well!

About his LeTip of Coastal chapter, Ali said, “For me personally, this group is more than just a place to do business or pass leads. I consider many of the members to be like family. They’ve watched and helped me grow and mature over the last 10 years. I’m a better man, better business owner, and better leader because of the relationships I’ve formed here. We’ve seen each other through personal tragedies and triumphs. Some have become parents and grandparents and lost parents and grandparents while in this group. We’re not just growing our group or our book of business, we’re growing ourselves and each other.”

Like many chapters across our LeTip family, this chapter holds events outside of their weekly chapter meetings. This seems to be a key ingredient to the secret sauce of success. For this chapter, they host an evening in-person networking mixer every fourth week of the month.

“We try to mix it up in terms of activity and location so we can accommodate our members who are a little spread out. We have some ideas we’re putting together for the 4th quarter that we’re excited about and may be doing a joint mixer with another chapter or chapters as well,” Ali shared. So, if you are a chapter in that Central Jersey area, give Ali a call and see if you can be part of a multi-chapter event with this growing Central New Jersey chapter!