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Member Spotlight: John Ortiz

Jul 10, 2023 | Articles, Member Spotlight

Meet John Ortiz. John in the President of the LeTip of Anaheim Chapter of LeTip and holds the Insurance Life Health and Disability seat. Last month we had a Q & A session with John, and here is what he had to share:


What do you like best about LeTip?

The top 3 things I appreciate about LeTip of Anaheim are the people, promoting our chapter through the After Work Mixers, Business Expos, and Educational Seminars, and the fun we have in building our businesses. It makes networking easier.

The top 3 things I value about LeTip are the exclusivity of each category, the convenience and connectivity provided by LeTip Wired, and the willingness of other chapter members to offer assistance, when I reach out to them.


Tell us a little bit about your business, John

My business is called “Insure Your Success.” I help people grow their money risk-free and tax-free, two things everyone wants yet nobody thinks is possible. I show them how, plus they get to pay down debt and grow their wealth simultaneously. I know that sounds like a lot, however it is a financial strategy that works.

Before I began Insure Your Success, I owned three lighting companies and worked on high-profile projects, all over America, with a few international projects sprinkled in for fun. Using my decades of entrepreneurial experience, in 2020, I began Insure Your Success, to help business owners operate their businesses. Very quickly, I realized business owners and their employees needed help with debt and their retirement plans.

Today, I work with individuals (employees & business owners) to teach them how to succeed in developing a financial strategy for their life. Everyone has debt. Everyone has goals. The traditional way of paying off your debt is not working. Some people work two jobs or work over-time to pay off their debt and when you ask them about retirement, they don’t have an answer.

I promote a solution that creates a financial foundation for your life. It will help you create an emergency fund, debt management, educational savings and develop an opportunity fund for investments. Then, it will help you set up life solutions for disability income, living benefits and long-term care. As you build your financial foundation, you will create your retirement that minimizes risk and taxes. You will have a better solution than relying on Social Security and Medicare.

It all starts with understanding your debt. Parents with children, individuals suffering with debt and investors seeking a safe guaranteed “bank” for their money should be listening to this guaranteed strategy.



How has LeTip helped you in your business?

We live in a fast-paced world. In a world without networking, you are jumping from one transaction to another. You end up selling and no one really wants to be sold. LeTip for me is about creating meaningful relationships that will lead me towards successful ventures.

People aren’t just looking for business contacts; they are searching for connections with a shared vision, purpose, and values they can wholeheartedly embrace. In my business, I am promoting life solutions that will change a person’s future. It is not a transaction.

LeTip helps me get there.


How has being a board member enhanced your membership?

Being a board member of a LeTip chapter comes with several benefits. First, it offers an elevated level of influence and decision-making power within the chapter, allowing you to work with other board members to help lead the group’s direction and initiatives. As a board member, I have increased visibility amongst the members and guests. It gives me the opportunity to help members build their businesses; plus, it helps me strengthen my credibility in my community.

I have gained more access to a variety of opportunities locally, regionally, and nationally because of the success of LeTip of Anaheim. The interaction with my chapter members has helped me enhance my skills in public speaking, event planning, and team building. Ultimately, being a board member of a LeTip chapter helped me strengthen my industry presence and created a meaningful impact within my organization.


What advice do you have for other chapter leaders in LeTip looking to grow their chapters?

Growing a chapter requires a dual focus, encompassing both the fundamentals and the guest experience. Firstly, concentrate on the essentials of your chapter, such as increasing meeting participation, fostering one-on-one engagements outside of the regular meetings, and organizing events that attract clients for your members. Secondly, it’s crucial to consider how guests perceive and feel during their visits. Authenticity is key, so successfully implementing high meeting participation standards, emphasizing, and encouraging one-on-one engagements, and creating unique versions of After Work Mixers, Business Expos, and Educational Seminars becomes important.

When guests witness your team networking collaboratively and engaging in professional and attentive interactions, it leaves a lasting impression and inquiries to join your chapter will start pouring into your inbox.


Thank you, John, for sharing your thoughts and for being a LeTip member!


John Ortiz
Chapter President of LeTip of Anaheim, CA