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Member Spotlight: Sonia Benson

Jun 5, 2023 | Articles, Member Spotlight

Welcome to June – the month that ushers in summer, officially! This month we are shining the spotlight on Sonia Benson, Credit Restoration specialist, founding member and Past President of the LeTip of Chevy Chase chapter.

When it comes to repairing credit, Sonia is an expert! At her company, Cure My Credit Scores, they guarantee to get their clients personal credit scores to 700 or greater. As part of their service, they offer a free consultation to determine a client’s credit needs. Sonia said, “We educate our clients about credit and how it works so that they leave us not only with amazing scores, but also with tools to keep their scores amazing.” They work with business clients, too, establishing separate credit for their businesses. She told us that that their a big part of their target market is realtors and lenders, who have clients who need to increase their scores, to prequalify for a real estate transaction, or to get access to better interest rates. They also work with business owners who want to get into position to be able to qualify for business loans and credit cards and take the strain off of their personal credit.

Sonia joined LeTip in late 2020. Over the last few years, we came to know Sonia through the national Lunch Bunch and Happy Hour calls that she would take part in. She, also, became a staple on the Power Hour calls, as she navigated best practices as a leader, with her blossoming chapter. “Being on national calls has really helped me form awesome relationships with national members all over the country and with the support team at corporate! These things have really supported me in learning all about what LeTip has to offer and how I can take full advantage of my membership.” We love hearing that!

Plus, we always enjoy her contributions on the calls. She said, “Seeing other members has set an example of what’s possible and best practices as a member and as a President and chapter leader. I really felt like I had all of LeTip in my corner, as I made decisions on what steps to take to grow our chapter.” Sonia Benson has definitely put in time and effort into her LeTip leadership role, which has paid off for her. “Being our Chapter’s president and a board member has helped my membership so much because I have actively been on the ground participating in the success of our chapter. As a result, it keeps me actively involved and plugged in on a weekly basis. I love being able to shape where our chapter is going and how we are going to get there. There is something about being involved that kept me from possible checking out or slipping when it came to being an active member. I feel my commitment to my fellow members helped me stay committed to what I got out of LeTip, as a whole, as well. As I worked to be involved and grow as a President, it helped me be involved as a member.”

Did you know that you can host a webinar through LeTip? Sonia took advantage of this member perk and told us about her experience. “Hosting a national webinar with LeTip members all over the country was very rewarding and led to lots of new business. Corporate and specifically, Summer Middleton, made the process really easy and it was a great way to share my knowledge as a Credit Expert and to promote our services nationwide. I really enjoyed presenting and was glad to share what I know.”

Though her belief in networking and passion for LeTip shines on through, we asked Sonia to share what she likes best about LeTip: “There are so many things that I love about LeTip; but, what I like best are the relationships that I have formed with the members of my chapter and members of other chapters all over the country. In addition to getting me lots of tips for new business, LeTip has helped me be a better business owner and sharpened my skills as a leader. I like how corporate is so accessible and in our corner, to help us succeed, both, as individual businesses and as chapters. Paul Della Valle, specifically, was amazing with the ups and downs we experienced, as we launched our chapter and, then, were able to charter.

Sonia, very enthusiastically shared how LeTip has helped her business: “Oh my goodness, how has LeTip NOT helped my business! There are so many ways that being a member of LeTip of Chevy Chase has led to the growth and improvement of my business overall and myself as a business owner. Firstly, I have received so much business from my fellow chapter members and from other members all over the country. Since launching our chapter, I have received over 150 tips! Having access to so many business owners and leaders has expanded my reach and led to having power-partners all over the country. Also, it has been awesome to have access to so much talent represented by all of the professionals in LeTip. I have been able to refer clients to businesses that I can trust and have peace of mind in the referral. Lastly, the friendships that I have formed have been immeasurable. I can’t begin to quantify all of the encouragement, advice, recommendations, and personal service that I have gained from members all over the country. There so much that I have been able to achieve that I believe would not have been possible had I not made the decision to join.”

As for her advice to newer members – the key, she said, is to get involved with your chapter and the organization. “Get involved, get involved, get involved! You get out of LeTip what you put in. I would recommend that you participate in as much as possible both with your chapter and nationally and work it into your weekly calendar.” There is a valuable tip! Add it to your weekly calendar! Sonia said that when she made LeTip a regular part of her activities, it made it easier to be available for all that LeTip had to offer, even with her demanding schedule. She also suggested to take part in making your chapter a success as a member of a committee, a chairperson, or even as a board member. She added that “the more that you give, the more you will get, and you will see the results of your membership flourish.” We couldn’t agree more!

We love having you, as part of our LeTip family, Sonia! Thank you for all you do!

And if YOU, our LeTip member, have any credit repair needs, we encourage you to reach out to Sonia, directly, through Wired!