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One Spark Can Lead to a Raging Fire

Jun 5, 2023 | Articles, Networking Tips

Let’s face it… The biggest obstacle most members face in a Networking group like LeTip are the TIPS. This task of having to perform for a group you are a member of sometimes feels like an additional job you have taken on – where performance is not only key, but it is detrimental to not only your position but for the survival of your chapter. Sometimes we focus more on the task at hand, and the old-guard ways where if you don’t perform you are essentially penalized.

As Vice President of my chapter I focus on rewarding…. And that reward comes in the form of EDUCATION. Not everyone, especially as a new entrepreneur is well versed in the ART OF THE SALE, not everyone is outgoing; and therefore as a chapter I like to encourage all of our members to create an EDUCATIONAL SYNERGY… AKA: THE SPARK – TO REMEDY THIS!

What is THE SPARK? The spark is education… It’s the synergy of education where we encourage our members to educate us in their business so we can become a better sales force for each member; it’s educating them on what LeTip means to us as a whole; it’s educating, understanding, and remedying when obstacles and confusion may make a guest appearance…. Most importantly the SPARK is teaching our members how to become BETTER TIPPERS.


Pass me a spark, and I can create a ROARING, RAGING FIRE! That’s all it takes… An inkling of an idea that is shared in an open forum discussion; a lead to a new customer; sharing what are your ideal clients; sharing what is a HOT, WARM, or COLD lead; or simply inviting ONE guest to one of our events or mixers. All of these touchpoints create SPARKS, it’s up to the recipient to turn that spark into a flame, and then nurture it to a raging fire. Too often members PSYCH themselves out thinking: “oh this client is not ready for me to pass on to fellow members”… “hmmm I had a so-so experience with this client, and so I feel like it will be the same for fellow members”… or “I don’t know if they will be a good match”… NO! Get out of your head and GET OUT OF YOUR WAY! Pass me that spark, and it’s up to me what I do with it in regards to turning it into a success!


We have made it a NEW habit to promote help, positive synergy, and relieve the pressure of the PERFECT TIP. Since then members have flourished with new rich opportunities. People seem to forget that we are all SIX DEGREES IN SEPARATION… Meaning our networks often hold a friend of a friend within that network, and somehow we have lost sight of that. As a NETWORKING GROUP we focus on that, because it allows for the free flow of tip exchanging, and opening doors especially from an INTERCHAPTER perspective.

Networking is an art-form, and it is one that can be taught. And like most educational platforms one learns through encouragement, reward, and assurance. We never learn from being penalized, punished, or rejected… That only breeds contempt and resentment. Before you approach a member that is not performing at their best with negativity, approach them with communication and the opportunity to be heard and be candid. Turn that challenge into a solution… Turn that SPARK INTO A FIRE! Encourage, promote, educate, and create a member that welcomes synergy, symbiosis, and waves the LeTip flag LOUD and PROUD!


– Marqus Aycart, LeTip of Montclair Vice-President & Brand Specialist at MADE BY AYCART® and Brand Strategist & Developer at FORAGER™ (Forager Brands, Inc.) & Proud Father 🙂