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LeTip Annual Awards

Apr 3, 2023 | Articles, News & Announcements

We are proud to announce the winners of our
LeTip Annual Awards for the Year 2022 (awarded in 2023)!

President of the Year:

Gary Block

Gary brings a level of energy to everything he does. Whether he’s rooting for Philly sports or the members of his chapter. Gary is dedicated, supportive and leads by example

Chapter of the Year:

LeTip of Bell Works, NJ

LeTip of Bell Works came out of the pandemic and started a chapter with a core group of people. Within a year, they have built themselves up to 40 members strong, passing thousands of dollars a week in business. They have a balance between their meetings and mixers, both of which perform at high attendance and high energy.

Comeback Chapter of the Year:

LeTip of Tigard/SW Metro, OR

LeTip of Tigard/SW Metro has been an established chapter for years. They faced more than their fair share of trials and tribulations. With just the perfect combination of grit and grace, they faced their challenges head-on and never lost sight of what matters most, each other. Today they are thriving, exciting and tipping like crazy!

Outside Tipper of the Year:

Philip Caputo

Philip Caputo, from LeTip of Port Jefferson, NY, has been a member of LeTip Port Jefferson for over 17 years and has always been an excellent tipper. He not only tips his Power Partners a lot, but he knows how to “spread the wealth” and often tips the “harder to tip” categories. Phil is a great active member, and we are proud to have him in the group!


Top Tipper of the Year:

Andee Saper

Andee Saper, from LeTip of Cherry Hill, NJ, knows a thousand people at minimum. She stays in touch with at least 999 of those 1,000 people and is always looking to extract their needs by fulfilling them with tips through her chapter.

Best Recruiter of the Year:

Rick Levine

Rick Levine, from LeTip of Port Jefferson, NY, is a 16-year member that holds a Platinum badge. He has made a LeTip career out of recruiting people into what he feels, is the greatest way to grow your business.

Mentor of the Year:

Lori Borgwald

Lori Borgwald, from LeTip of Red Rock, NV, is a networker to her core. What sets her apart from the rest is that she will invest as much time in you as you need to make you successful. She will never disappoint!

New Member of the Year:

Haley Thayer

Haley Thayer, from LeTip of Newport Beach, CA: From the moment Haley was introduced to LeTip, she was all in! She is warm, inviting and dedicated to anything she puts her mind to. Haley dedicated and motivated to start her chapter. LeTip of Newport Beach is thrilled to have her!

Congratulations to all of you!
A big thank to all of our members and chapters this past year.